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23 Dec 2020

Minimalist Home Design: Top Tips To Transform Your Place

Curated. That’s the word you’re looking for.

If you’ve been eyeing that minimalist flair for a while now but don’t know where to begin, this article is for you! We’ll explain minimalist home design with the following top tips.

Before you embark on your minimalist journey, you want to ask yourself some questions about how your home functions: Are you working from home? Then you’re going to need a space free of distractions. Do you work out at home? You’re going to need proper storage space for your equipment.

It’s not necessarily about reaching for the nearest bespoke cabinet millwork or chucking out that vintage tea set you break out once a year. Use this guide to help you decide which minimalist elements work best for you.

Minimalism – The Lowdown

But wait – what exactly is minimalism?

It’s a word that’s applied on the regular to everything from art to office supplies.

While ideas of minimalism (though it was not called that at the time) have been around in the US since the 1800s via the likes of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, minimalism as we know it began to take shape in the 1960s.

The word gained popularity among certain artists who felt stifled by conventions of fine art. Minimalists began to shift away from abstract expressionism and towards simplistic creations, industrial materials and white space. One of the most influential figures in what we call minimalist home design was Dieter Rams, thanks to his now-famous principles of good design.

Minimalism exploded into the mainstream relatively recently, in the 2000s, with the aid of blogging.

There have been so many fads surrounding minimalism (including things like tossing out virtually your entire book collection) that it’s hard to remember why it is valuable: having more of what you actually need, not worrying about things you don’t, and enjoying what you already have. It is a way to let go of possessions that serve only as distractions.

Above all, minimalism is a state of mind that streams gently into your everyday life.

This, in turns, brings you breathing room, a sense of calm, and even a feeling of freedom. (Plus, you’ll save some money by not spending on unnecessary items.)

There may not be one set definition of minimalism (even if it is in the OED!), but here’s our take on what you can do to make your home a minimalist haven and reduce the amount of crazy in your life.

You’ve got a few options to make this happen, from getting interior construction drawings specifically for minimalist homes to changing up your decor. Here, we’ll focus on the latter.

Top Tips to Create a Classy, Minimalist Home Design

Simple. Harmonious. Utilitarian. This is the look you want to go for. Here’s how to go about it:

Clean lines are where it’s at

Think straight edges, flat surfaces, and geometric furniture and decor. This will add elegance to your space, whether it’s a mansion or a studio apartment. Your home will go from cluttered to fresh, airy, and organized. Detailed decorations should be kept to a minimum.

Go for a restrained color palette

Pale pink with cream; dusty rose, cream and light gray; light brown neutrals; powdery blue-gray – your choices are numerous. A restrained or monochromatic color palette is intrinsic to a minimalist home.

Don’t forget the flooring

It’s not just your walls that can help liven up your space. Flooring such as marble tile, white, black or gray hardwood and concrete can give your room a modern minimalist edge. If you’re worried about breaking the bank, you can go for the more affordable option of vinyl planks.

Light is might

You don’t necessarily have to have incredible views to install large windows. Your rooms will appear warmer and bigger with plenty of natural light. For privacy, consider thin floor-length curtains that complement your color scheme.

Windows not within your budget? No problem. Mirrors are a functional and stylish substitute. They also help make small spaces appear larger, so they’re ideal for cosy apartments.

Mix and match with textures

Hey, no one said minimalism has to be boring! You’re already using a restrained color palette. While this lends a crisp, airy look, it can seem a bit unwelcoming or bare. This is arguably the biggest challenge when incorporating minimalism in your home.

A way to make your place look more welcoming and cosy is to add textures and colors. This will add visual interest and break the monotony. For example, you can use teakwood floors, shaggy throw pillows, slatted doors on cabinets, diagonal veins on marble, linen or woolen fabrics, and even plants.

Up your game with stairs

This will separate your place from the rest: Custom stairs! Open backed, floating, glass panels…no matter the type, they’ll give your house a sleek look and open up your floor plan.

If you want to go even harder and make your space really bespoke and personal, custom millwork is the way to go. Don’t blame us for any jealous neighbors, though.

Multifunctional furniture

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean skimping on storage space! You can keep your possessions tucked away in chic multifunctional furniture. It’s versatile, sophisticated, and convenient. Heck, even if you’re not looking for a minimalist makeover, it’s a good investment. That’s just how awesome it is.

Like with the staircases, if you’re willing to spend a little money for a lot of payoff, you can go for bespoke services that will craft convertible furniture suited to your needs. You’ll find yourself stepping into a whole new world of millwork cabinets. The millworkers should be more than happy to accommodate your style.

Give your space some oomph with accents

While “restrained” is a word that pops up quite often when it comes to minimalist decor, there’s no need to shy away from bright colors. As long as you’re not cluttering up your home with a bunch of things, you can use decorative elements as accent pieces. Pick focal items instead of lots of small ones. You can even use a lush, bright plant if you’re into biophilia.

Which brings us to…

Use natural elements

So. Your home is already looking sleek and modern. Balance it out with elements such as bamboo and other woods. A wooden table in your dining room, a few woven baskets, and viola. What a look.

The Next Level: Minimalist Architecture

“Minimalist architecture involves the use of reductive design elements, without ornamentation or decoration.” – Lilian H. Weinreich, Lilian H. Weinreich Architects

One step further from revamping your interiors is creating a minimalist architectural space from scratch. This means you’ll be starting from the interior construction drawings and not just shifting around furniture and getting rid of things you haven’t used since high school.

If you’re looking for something akin to ready-made minimalism, this is the way to go. Existing plumbing, in-built cabinets and more will save you a lot of effort. If you want to know more about what you’ll get from such architecture, you can read our piece on it. Here’s an excerpt:

“Minimalist houses have functional layouts arranged purposefully along simple geometric spaces. The rooms can be spacious or compact. The idea behind such a practice is to create ‘clean’ spaces that evoke tranquility and a sense of order.

Some of the most distinctive features of minimalist house designs include open floor plans, modest storage designs, minimal interior walls, and emphasis on exterior views and daylight.”


And you’re all set! You’re about to ditch the clutter and disorganization and trade it in for breathing room, productivity and gratitude. We’re excited for you.

There’s no one way to be a minimalist. Whether you’re into raw luxury or the “bare essentials”, your home can be remodeled to your tastes.

And if you’ve decided to go the minimalist home design, well, you needn’t look further. BluEntCAD is as hyped about minimalism as you are. We’re a CAD design and drafting company with spades of experience in construction drawings and architectural millwork.

From your interior construction drawings to your custom millwork needs, we’ll make sure your home is as organized, sophisticated and utilitarian as it gets. Contact us today to get started.

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