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06 Apr 2022

What is Product Modeling and Why Does it Matter?

Product modeling has transformed the way product development works. It is used by several industries today and has been massively impacting their businesses.

Did you know that 3D product modeling originated in the 1960s? It’s evolved and transformed in the most fascinating ways ever since.

How comfortable are you with adopting and using 3D product modeling? This blog will dive into the benefits of this technology. You will learn how it can help you remain competitive and improve your business marketing strategies.

What Is Product Modeling?

Product modeling is an amalgamation of science, geometry, design and mathematics.

It is defined as the process of creating a mathematical portrayal of a 3D structure using specialized software. This representation of a structure is called a 3D model, which is the best way to visualize the real product.

  • 3D artists are able to easily make life-like product modeling prototypes on their digital screens.

  • The influx of new functional and technological applications have transformed the way 3D modeling works.

    • It has redefined what all can be developed in a stipulated amount of time, overall enhancing the design process.

    • The new developments in product modeling have helped in the resolution of all the limitations of outdated processes.

    • Increased functionality and productivity across design teams.

How 3D Product Modeling Can Influence Your Business

Showcasing 3D Product models can facilitate the magnificent representation of your fresh and innovative product designs.

  • This can be presented to either your team members to give them a high level of clarity and have a better understanding of the work and designs.

    • They will be able to make quick major or minor alterations to the product models whenever the client or team has a new idea.

    • The data stored in a product 3D model can help to automate any manufacturing operation.

  • Product modeling can offer your potential clients an immersive experience giving them a very detailed view of what the actual product will look like.

  • Your marketing team can use these product models for campaigns. This can have spectacular benefits.

    • 3D product models will exhaustively showcase all the features and capabilities of the product.

    • You can interact with the product model through varied functionalities like rotating, disassembling or reassembling.

These are only a few ways in which product modeling can redefine your business and marketing strategies.

Let’s explore these benefits in detail and understand how models created through 3D modeling software can make all the difference.

The Advantages of 3D Models in Product Design

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted CAD market revenue and has sped up the digital transformation of processes in several industries. This sudden digital and technological shift is not a stopgap measure, but an acceleration in the adoption of 3D models.

Are you are still sceptical about how data-rich 3D product models can be both lucrative and economical alternatives to drive business growth?

Let’s look at the most dominant benefits of product modeling to help you decide.

Aids in developing best-quality prototypes

Product modeling technologies can help in developing quick and realistic renditions of your new idea or product.

This rendition would incorporate high-quality texture and strategic lighting, making it ‘look and feel’ like the physical product.

  • 3D artists and designers can study the product from all angles and aspects before finalizing it.

  • It can allow them to easily detect any issue or flaw and quickly make the changes before building the actual product.

  • Product modeling gives an opportunity to the design team to focus a lot more on creativity.

Easy remodeling process

Making changes to the design or remodeling used to be a tiring and time-consuming process. 3D modeling has made this aspect of the development and product design process easy and quick.

Making changes to the design or testing different versions can be done without any extra cost or expense. 3D artists and clients can efficiently review the overall design and remodel it easily as per the client’s requirement.

Make 3D models accurate and precise

Unparalleled accuracy and precision are key to building a spectacular finished product.

  • Creating 3D product models can help in pinning down all the design issues early on. Flaw recognition is one of the most critical aspects of product modeling.

  • The designers are able to catch any error, major or minor,  before finalizing the design.

This not only helps in developing the final product void of quality issues but also saves a lot of time and money. It can allow your designers to be more productive and work on the complexities of the project more efficiently.

3D models accurate precise

Easier on the budget

Product modeling is a way of breathing life into the ideas and designs. These can go through countless changes and remodeling processes depending on what your clients are truly looking for.

Imagine making physical iterations to a product or prototype. It can be tiring to make changes to varied products several times and can generate heavy resource costs.

3D models make these processes uncomplicated and cost-effective.

Amplifies the artistic vocabulary and the 360-degree view

Product modeling gives designers the opportunity to delve into the creative essence rather than worry about the technicalities of the idea or product.

  • Whether it’s complex patterns or any kind of shape, it can be created in a really short time.

  • Using a 3D model maker can help demonstrate an extraordinary level of detail to your potential customers by offering a 360-degree view of the product.

  • The clients will be able to get a bird’s eye view of the dimensions, colour tones, textures and other visual aspects of the virtual prototypes.

Of course, 3D modeling through 3D CAD software requires the expertise to showcase ideas flawlessly.

Marketing, marketing, marketing

Yes, 3D CAD modeling impacts the development process in a massive way but using it in marketing campaigns can have a gigantic impact on your business profits.

  • Businesses have been using 3D models in their marketing materials such as online ads, videos and magazines. They look incredible because of the high-quality images.

  • Storing 3D free models in a virtual library allows marketers to keep using them in advertisements, as and when the need arises. It is also simpler to tweak the 3D models to make them relevant for a different target audience.



Yes, product modeling matters. For a simpler, faster and more cost-effective approach to the product development processes, organizations around the globe are starting to blend 3D modeling and CAD design services.

Organizations even outsource their 3D CAD modeling in order to focus more on the creative and manufacturing process. Our CAD experts can help you understand the deeper impacts of product modeling for your business.

Browse our portfolio to see how we’ve supported other organizations by offering their clients the virtual yet realistic feel of their ideas and products through 3D product modeling services. Our experts use dynamic modeling tools to develop high-quality 3D models with improved speed and unparalleled precision.

Ready to promote your business and demonstrate your capabilities with our top-notch 3D rendering and VR services? Contact us now!

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