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07 Dec 2016

The 3D printing revolution reaping countless benefits: make your designs come to life

The evolution of 3D Printing and its adaption in the construction industry is beginning at a rapid space.

No matter what the size of their project is, the contractors and architects all around the world have been using 3D printing to build residential structures such as houses and apartments.

3D printed architectural models have slowly and imperceptibly replaced the one-dimensional designs in the architecture industry.

When building an architectural model, the builders and architects would develop a physical model.

However, this had stopped due to the cost and the time factor. But because of the advent of this new technology, building physical models is now attributed to countless benefits in contrary to hand-made models and its techniques.

Contractors and architects would use wood or foam to create models however many are now adopting 3D printing for their current design. The 3D printed components do not have any design limitation that can impede the contemporary and widespread construction methods.

The curved concrete construction developed using 3D printing can be hollow, as it uses less material and builds space for building services inside the structural components.

A scaled model, in design communication, makes a great impression on the clients. In this regard, 3D printing has helped in showcasing the final product and appearance of the design in the most constructive and powerful ways.

The 3D printed architecture model is built through the concept of the combination of the precision of virtual 3D with the tangibility of the physical object. It is done using huge printers.

These printers have special concrete and composite mixture, which is thicker than regular concrete, allowing it to be self-supporting as it sets.

One of the stimulating benefits of 3D printing is that it helps the builders and contractors to develop low cost 3D architectural models with a high level of precision.

3D printers assist in creating, visually impressive, realistic and exhaustive architectural model, which is then used to boost and promote the projects by conveying the final product in 3D.

Here are the advantages of using a 3D printer for your upcoming projects.

The easy and quick process helps in saving time and cost

Usage of the 3D printer for architectural models has proved to be cost-effective and time-saving as opposed to using hand-made models. When using hand-made models, the cost involved is higher.

This is because; to generate multiple copies of the model one has to pay much more. This task becomes easier and hence less costly for 3D printing. Since 3d printed architectural models can be built directly from digital architectural renderings, it can be done in a short span of time.

Visually striking models aids in promoting projects

3D printing creates visually appealing models that help in the promotion of the final design and product. The builders and architects are able to showcase the concrete understanding of both the interior and exterior of the project.

This aids in streamlining the process of selling and promotion of any design. The design and visualization are brought to life, this helps their clients to connect with it.

High precision in every model created

Post designing the model via 3D rendering, 3D printing is then used to build a physical one.

The size of the structure holds no significance as any building or element, big or small, can be 3D printed such as commercial buildings, 20-floor apartments or swimming pools or a city landscape.

The detailing of these models is immaculate. One can adjust thing lighting for different spaces in the structure to see how they would appear during different times of the day.

Clear architectural understanding of the project

The architectural 3D printed models give the builders and architects a clear understanding of what the final product will look like.

It also helps in simplifying the process for the clients. 2D blueprints used earlier would only allow architects to get an idea of the project and the end product.

With this model, the architects, contractors, and stakeholders are on the same page in terms of the design and visualization. They both have a clear real-life view of what the structure will be like.

Streamlining the revision and edition process

Through the 3D printed models, that reflect a high level of detailing, it is easier to discern both the futuristic construction and design problems. This allows them to rectify and make the changes even before construction begins.

Also, making these rectifications and revisions is much simpler since they don’t need to start the task from scratch.

The advantages of 3D printed architecture models are innumerable, which is why a lot of organizations have already adopted it. A 3D-printed technology provides a visual birds-eye view that can’t be attained with drawings, blueprints or digital 2D or 3D models.

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