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16 Nov 2016

The beauty of Augmented Reality

The beauty of Augmented Reality: Fogging the lines between the real and the computer world in the construction industry”

With the invention of CAD, BIM and software such as Revit and AutoCAD, construction industries have become proactive and innovative in their approach.

In the olden days, the architecture industry would not prioritize marketing in their strategic plans.

Nowadays, companies are creating brand awareness, helping clients identify with their brand and utilizing emerging innovative technologies like augmented reality in their marketing plan.

Augmented Reality is a novel way of exhibiting the architectural models that enhance the real world surroundings by using virtual images and data into a physical space. For clients, it is a real visualization of the final concept.

When exhibiting the building or furniture unit in the real world environment, clients get a chance to understand and perceive how they interact with their surroundings. It gives an opportunity for the clients to customize their new home interiors.

They can make modifications such as moving or deleting walls while keeping the design of the exterior structure as it is. This technology allows clients to create their dream homes.

Contractors and architects are able to collaborate better with not only their clients but with the entire project team. It aids in reducing on-site problems and costs. There are similarities between augmented reality and virtual reality.

However, the significant difference is that in virtual reality there are limitations when viewing a project outside the context and environment.

The use of augmented reality is still at a nascent stage and the applications are still evolving. Few construction firms have already started adopting it and it is already being used to market and sell products to homeowners.

The Augmented app is available for customers who can access it on their smartphones and tablets. They can use this app to manipulate the designs and 3D plans.

Here are some powerful benefits of Augmented Reality that will help you understand how impactful and revolutionizing it will be for your organization.

Greater insight into the project:

With Augmented Reality substituting 2D models, the clients are going to be able to experience their project in a unique way. They will be able to visit any space, even an extreme corner of the building as if they were really inside.

This concept of visualization will give a better insight and allow the contractors, designers, and architects to attend to design and minute details of the project in a more practical way. It will change the way architects and designers work and even change the way buildings are built.

Substituting blueprints with 3D models:

With 3D models replacing blueprints, prototypes and architecture plan, industries will be able to save more time and stay within the budget. The adoption of BIM has allowed a number of organizations to already do that.

So with both BIM and Augmented reality, it is going to be easier to create an efficient architecture plan. Augmented reality will allow the clients to view and walk through a full-fledged BIM model.

Effective communication and teamwork

Good communication in any project leads to desired results for both the organization and the clients. AR will aid in productive collaborations between the team members and clients involved in a particular project.

The team will be able to access the documents and orders while walking through the construction site and viewing the full-scale BIM model. If the contractors and architects have any issues or clarifications they will be able to take pictures or video during the walkthrough and share it with their team.

High potential to improve safety

Augmented reality will help in programming a safety checklist aligned with the specific task. This will be displayed on the smartphone or tablet along with the BIM model.

Safety, being the biggest concern for any project, will be attended to through a detailed safety plan. When walking through a particular area on the construction site, the safety issues and measurements will be shown to ensure low risk of accidents during construction.

The adoption of augmented reality is still in the infancy stage. However, many people are getting familiar with it and new applications are being designed every day so the construction industries can benefit from it.

Tell us if you have had any experience with Augmented Reality and how has it profited your business. If you still haven’t, discuss with your team. It’s about time you adopted it. It’s too impactful a tool to not be used.

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