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29 Jan 2018

The Benefits Of Cloud Based Construction Documentation

Decades ago, the invention and integration of technology in the construction sector replaced pen and paper in a big way.

It’s been a revolutionary journey for the construction industry with processes undergoing a sea of change. Technology has even impacted the construction documentation process and management in the last few years. Though physical documentation is still perceived to be significant and most companies use them, cloud solutions has just about found its way in. Mobility and interconnectivity are top benefits that make cloud software lucrative and immensely popular. Cloud based construction document management helps to build a collaborative partnership with all those involved in the project keeping everyone up-to-date. It is considered to be one source for all the data files including drawings, documents. This file is shared with the concerned team as and when it is updated, keeping them aware of each step of the construction process.

AEC industry is becoming a highly competitive market with every company becoming more comfortable with embracing the latest technological advancements. However, cloud solution is still not there yet. BluEnt has mastered the art of using this technology for construction document management. They have outlined 3 top benefits of cloud software that have helped them to deliver exceptionally superior quality, cost effective and fast-track construction projects.

On field, as the construction work is going on, contractors/sub-contactors take regular daily reports. They make a note of all the progress that is being made. These daily reports when supervised everyday helps in making those minor changes or resolving minute errors or ‘redlines’ easily. This process is faster when the relevant documents are shared via cloud software. The daily reports can only be regularly written out and shared simultaneously when using cloud solutions. Once shared, the supervisors release the updated version with modifications needed the very same day or early next day. So, those minor errors can be looked into immediately. When every step is critically supervised and micro-managed in a robotic way  – it avoids the major modifications in the longer run that can result in exceeding deadlines and extensive costs.

Construction projects are very complex and the drawings itself can have several versions. It gets tedious and sometimes even confusing when sharing the paperwork and all those updates with the entire team. Sharing the latest version of these files via cloud software can make a huge difference. Drawings involve a lot of specification updates and even the smallest of those changes can have a completely different outcome. Thus, with cloud solutions, every update made is shared with every team member automatically. This ensures that there is few rework scenarios; project runs smoothly and is delivered way faster.

When construction work is going on and the client is travelling or design team is functioning from another city, you cannot have documents couriered to them each time. Even emailing every version can get extremely confusing and complicated. This is where cloud based document management system can be supremely beneficial. Documents through cloud software can be accessed anywhere and anytime in the most effective and organized way – allowing the entire team involved in the construction project to work effectively and collaboratively.

BluEnt‘s AEC CAD team has been using this technology to carry out all their residential and commercial projects effectively. It has helped all their projects to run seamlessly without severe obstacles. We feel it is a greener solution with the positive environmental impact that it provides and hence is a great-added advantage. Connect with us to know more about cloud based document management system.

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