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24 Jan 2018

The Importance of ‘Specific’ Working Drawings In Residential Buildings

The working drawings or a complete set of architectural drawings form the basis of any construction project, be it residential or commercial.

It lays out the complete process of the structure that is to be built. In every residential project, the working drawings and design documentation are significantly vital to understand the precision planning and engineering of the entire structure. The residential architects and designers who are hired for any residential project are responsible to prepare the detailed technical drawings of the specific building. The purpose of creating these blueprint drawings is to communicate the proposed design idea in an extremely efficient way. This in itself has several benefits.  From clients being able to accurately comprehend the merits of the proposed design to the construction team undertaking the actual construction in the right direction leaving very few opportunities for errors or extra costs.

BluEntCAD, one of the topmost leaders in the AEC industry, has gathered decades of experience in carrying out and successfully delivering complex renovations and new residential construction. According to them, residential projects can be time-consuming and more complex because of a higher level of customization and elements that is an integral part of the project. However, this is where the detailed drawings play an important role and add immense value to every residential construction projects.

They have highlighted 3 major merits of working drawings in architectural and residential design plans, that make the entire process a huge success.

Intensive accuracy in the construction elements

 One of the great benefits of using detailed drawings for complex renovation or home projects is the accuracy in dimensions and measurements. This allows the construction team to completely understand the arrangement of various elements. They have ample information about walls and layers in a building, the fixing of walls to structural elements. The team even knows how the finishing of the edges of openings and fitting of pre-fabricated components should be.

Fewer errors and modifications – even in complex home projects

 Constructing or renovating residential buildings or any structure for that matter can be a super costly and time-consuming exercise. This is where the preparation of an accurate set of design documentation is extremely important. The CD sets are a reference to every minute details in the project so if the client wants to know what material goes where architectural documentation holds the answer. It also ensures that the team working on the property have the exact measurements and alike to avoid any kind of errors.

It also helps in avoiding potential conflict that can lead to expensive modifications. For example, post actual construction of a room (in the absence of the approved CD sets) a simple request may be made by the client to change the location of the exterior door. What we forget is that a lot needs to done in the periphery to make this one change – such as – the floor plan, interior/exterior elevations and other unseen complications such as the interfering pre-coordinated elements like another door/window or roof alterations. It can be a nightmare to make this previously assumed ‘simple’ modification.

A ‘fairer’ quotation process

 Clients invest a lot of money in constructing their dream house. Unlike a commercial property, a dream home holds a very ’emotional value’. This means they don’t want to compromise on it. However, with construction or renovation already being a costly affair, clients look for quotes that are accurate and ‘rational’. They need to know the painfully detailed sum of where every penny is going. The exhaustively detailed drawings, allow the professionals to showcase very clear and correct pricing with plenty of details both graphic and written. This not only helps the client to know that their money is being invested in the ‘right’ way but even the team to ensure that they have accounted for the various elements and the exact kind of effort needed.

We at BluEntCAD believe that accurate and specific working drawings are a key to delivering many successful residential projects. We have a team of professionals who can create the most precise and ‘correct’ architectural construction documentation for the residential house plans.

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