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24 Sep 2018

Tips to Improve Your 3D Architectural Modeling Skills

The advent of 3D modeling has revolutionized the AEC industry. With 3D models, artists and architects all over the world are able to assist their clients better and more efficiently.

Not only can a 3D model help communicate a design better, but also can help in analyzing and depicting further improvements. 3D modeling has changed the way designers represent building plans, diagrams and architectural designs.

If you’re good at 3D modeling drawing skills, then your creations will have self-sufficiency and aesthetics which appeal to your clients. BluEntCAD discusses essential tips for enhancing your architectural 3D modeling skills.

Tips to improve 3D Modeling Skills

  • Tip number 1: Break barriers with Anatomy

    To master any 3D software, it is imperative to learn the basic structures of the software. These are important tools and will help you in creating health designs. The growth you get with mastering architectural modeling skills is exponential to the learning curve of framing the skeletal system of the building design. Minute details such as setting the right dimensions, perspectives and visualizations must be paid attention to.

    Like the say, the devil lies in the details.

  • Tip number 2: Jack of All Trades gets nowhere

    When you begin with learning 3D modeling, there are numerous software available. Instead of trying to learn and master all of them, focus on the singular. 3D modeling is a sea and there’s only so many you can master. If you become proficient with a single software such as AutoCAD 3D modeling, for example, learning others would be faster.

    The guiding principle which governs designer’s essential skills for 3D modeling, rendering, and animation is his approach towards a single software – in the later run, this makes it easy for him to acquire the complexity of others with relative ease.

  • Tip Number 3: A shortcut in time saves nine

    Keyboard shortcuts are a 3D Modeler artist’s best friends. Having a command over keyboard shortcuts make it easy to use any rendering and modeling software. Try to remember as many commands for the smooth workability of the software. It is often hectic to just use the icons on the screen for executing commands. For starters, begin practising the default shortcuts which are available in all software. Later, you can customize your shortcuts as per your convenience.

  • Tip number 4: Dive deep into functionalities to improve 3D modeling skills

    It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been using the software that you are using. Take some time to explore its basic functionalities every now and then. You will be surprised at how many new features and tricks you come across. Try combining various shortcuts and see what new you can do. This will not only help you better your 3D modeling skills, but you will also be seen as a knowledgeable person at discussions.

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  • Tip number 5: Don’t be shy to innovate

    An essential note when you are looking for how to improve 3D modeling skillsdon’t be afraid to experiment. If you fail, you’ll learn how not to do something. But if you succeed, then the opportunities are endless.

    The best way to practice this is to make a copy of the basic framework of an idea and applying various permutations and combinations to this. You can learn what works with what and where there is room for improvement. Plus, you boost your creativity manifold.

  • Tip number 6: Practice, Practice and Practice

    SVP, BluEntCAD remembers fondly, “When we began with our current team, a lot of us were newbies. We had no idea how to approach a project and we often had to seek help from the more experienced. We were fortunate to have clients who expressed an interest in guiding us in the right direction and we’re grateful. Because of them, our team of designers is probably the best you can find for your projects.”

Whether you have been a designer for a decade or are just beginning, practice will make your modeling drawing technique perfect. The more you practice, the better you will get. If you are feeling uninspired, go online and take some ideas from your peers.

Or you can always speak to us. We’d be happy to discuss your next modeling project.

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