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19 Mar 2019

Top 10 Millwork Design Trends in 2020

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Good homes have great vibes and even greater furnishing. Homeowners today not just buy a property;  they look for a haven. A place sheltering them after a long day of negativity, pollution and mindless chatter – somewhere they are completely themselves, someplace that speaks about them.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus, Interior Designer

And what better than uplifting space with the right architectural millwork?

Decorative millwork, up until a decade ago, only comprised of windows, doors, and staircases. Of late, you can find architectural millwork design elements on roof ceilings, floors, cabinetry, patio and any nook around your place that has the scope to be customized.

So, what is so special about millwork that custom millwork designs are selling like hotcakes?

  • Highly personalized space:

    By adding a dash of your personality in your space, you create a living space that resonates with who you are.

  • Maximum utilization of space:

    Whether you live in a studio apartment or own a condo, adding custom architectural millwork to your interiors creates space around you by utilizing unused gaps left by builders. The results can vary from space for a new coffee table to a new balcony!

  • Increased resale value:

    Nobody wants a beaten up, depressed land to own. You will attract more buyers if your place is well-maintained and easy on the eyes.

    When working with architectural design firms for your millwork shop drawings, it helps you stay abreast of the latest millwork trends. At BluEntCAD, we always advise our clients to keep an eye out for the newest and latest in color palettes, design styles, and cabinetry patterns.

    Architectural design firms

The BOLD and the RICH in 2020 – Millwork Design Trends

The latest millwork trends in 2020 tell us that homeowners are looking for bold designs that create a statement. Color pops, unique patterns and various finishing touches are highly popular millwork design trends currently. While the doors and windows are classic millwork cases, walls, ceiling, and floor designs are not far behind.

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And these styles are not limited to just kitchens and washrooms today but have extended to living rooms, foyers, and bedrooms.

  • Millwork Design Trend One: Large Windows

    According to BluEntCAD’s experts, 2020 is the year of large windows. Contemporary designs that create a light-filled, airy space with large windows uplift the entire room.

    Our experts can help you create expansive rooms that welcome natural light into your home. We specialize in architectural design drafting of modern frames that compliment your contemporary architecture and décor.

    Millwork Design Trend

  • Millwork Design Trend Two: Steel and Glass Room Dividers

    Room dividers and shower enclosures are the go-to choice of urbane residential homeowners today. The popular choices for dividers were glass and steel in 2018 and these are expected to continue in 2020 too. While glass panels give an open space feeling with privacy and noise control, steel dividers make for a stylish graphic element in contrast with your interior wall colors.

    Millwork Design Trends 

  • Millwork Design Trend Three: Bold Colors

    Once upon a time, the entire house had 2 colors and consistent door and window colors.

    Not anymore!

    In 2020, the millwork industry has seen an explosion in the design trends. This does not mean that light and neutral colors have gone out of vogue. It simply means that the modern homeowner is not afraid to experiment with darker shades. Earthy tones are popular as are other solid colors.

    Millwork Design

  • Millwork Design Trend Four: Back in Black

    Black is no stranger to kitchen design and following the rising trend of dramatic colors in millwork of other spaces, black is reentering the coup in style. Think of black cabinetry, accent colors, hoods, granite slabs against a backsplash, countertop and white walls for a suave contrast.

    Our expert designers will sway your heart with stylish designs. Ask for a free consultation today!

  • Millwork Design Trend Five: Wooden Vanities

    Remember we discussed millwork in the bathroom? Wooden Vanities are in-things today. They add warmth and an earthly appeal to the bathroom. Popular choices include reclaimed or light wood with clear stains. These display the grain patterns clearly and make for the perfect addition to your bathroom fittings.


  • Millwork Design Trend Six: Mix and Match Patterns

    Not only clients but the designers themselves have become more daring – trying out experiments in layered textures. Heavily influenced by the high fashion industry, these textures sport vivid colors and their striking patterns add flair to your room. When done tastefully, you can uplift the entire ambiance of your house.

  • Millwork Design Trend Seven: LED Lighting

    Lighting is an integral aspect of architectural millwork drafting. Most clients prefer LED lightening installation by either recess or surface mounting. LED lighting components are compact, have low energy consumption and high longevity.

  • Millwork Design Trend Eight: Kitchens overlooking outdoors

    In the last decade, we have seen more homeowners preferring to open their kitchens into to outdoors. This is primarily because kitchens are the quintessential space inside a home and with an outdoor vent, they act easily as expansions of living spaces. Large, sliding, collapsible exterior double doors connect the indoor and outdoor seamlessly. In the future, we expect more kitchens to expand into decks and patios.

    Kitchens overlooking 

  • Millwork Design Trend Nine: Benches in Dining Area

    As kitchens integrate into living room spaces, the need for more seating spaces is on the rise. Consequently, built-in bench seating is a win-win for everyone. There is ample room to dine together and there are more storage options.

    Moreover, after dinner, you can turn your dining stop into a lounge for after dinner parties, games, and cozy get-togethers.

  • Millwork Design Trend Ten: The Gold Touch

    Similar to white in kitchens, chrome has been the constant when it comes to plumbing fixtures. However, 2020 has seen a sudden comeback in brushed yellow gold accessories and furniture finishes.

    The Gold Touch 

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Make sure you ask your architectural millwork drafting company to include some of these trends in your new project. If you’re looking for help, we’re here. Contact us for a millwork shop drawing services. Get a free consultation today!

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