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Top Tips for Improving Exterior Rendering

3D Rendering

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3D Exterior Renderings

Manual hand drawings and renderings had its own era until technology happened. With all the evolution in the area of virtual reality and animation, the competition has been increasing for architectural modeling firms. Customers are exponentially demanding the 3D interior rendering and 3D Exterior renderings which look like a replica of the original image.

3D Exterior Design helps in the visualization of the construction building before the real project starts which automatically helps in overlooking design flaws and rectifying them on time. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about Exterior RenderingE-mail: US: +1 (832) 476 8459 Canada: +1 (647) 478 5230 Query: Work with experts

3D rendering view gives more opportunity to the architect in viewing it from every angle which helps them to figure out defects in the design. This further helps tremendously with cost and time-saving on the project. We have created a common checklist to improve your exterior renderings as follows:

    • Sun position plays a very important role in the realness of the final draft. This stage is worth spending time on since too much or too less lighting can affect your renderings. We all know taking a selfie is an art that needs the right lighting and angles. Similarly, the correct sun position setting can bring realism to a greater extent.Sun position setting can bring realism to a greater extent
    • Sun alignment leads us to shadow position. Show your shadows to add an attractive angle to the building exterior. Even adding cast shadows of unseen objects bring life to your rendering. For instance, adding trees or branch shadow falling onto the exterior architecture makes it look so original to reality.

      Cast shadows of unseen objects bring life to your rendering

    • Adding sky could be tricky, it can make or break a deal for you. Unless or until you are a skilled experienced architect, getting this art mastered is the most challenging task out of all. If it’s done without care, it will ruin the hard work of the really good render. Practice and gaining knowledge bring proficiency and realness into your renderings.

      Practice and gaining knowledge bring proficiency and realness into your renderings

    • If the building or house architecture has windows, you have to be very attentive to the reflection in the glass. Reflections make your renderings realistic. It is a short key to get the flawless renderings (of course, also keeping other points of the checklist ticked). Adding cloud domes and a panoramic background of ‘behind the camera’ view does wonder. Don’t think twice before adding as many components as possible.

      Reflections make your renderings realistic

    • It is advisable to add 3D and 2D vegetation in the foreground and the background respectively. A 3D tree is more challenging to render in comparison to 2D. Always try to follow important points like not repeating plants or trees, keep them slightly different from one another.

      3D and 2D Vegetation

    • Add cars to urban areas, it brings the high scale and detailing to the rendering. Simple detailing like the license plate or window reflection goes a long way. Adding people inside the building with see-through glass brings a lot on your plate (do not do it until you are confident about the job). Avoid adding ‘people’ until it means something in your scene.

      High scale and detailed rendering.

    • The camera view is utmost important to make your rendering look real. It is quite simple, think yourself as a photographer and create your normal eye height image.

      Camera view is utmost important to make your rendering look real.

Add as much detailing you can add to the exterior rendering to make it look perfect. In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, an audience is becoming quite smart in noticing every simple detail in the outdoor pictures. Competition is growing higher and you need to find out the right skill set of exterior rendering service.

BluEntCAD is one of the leading architectural rendering company serving thousands of clients around the regions of Canada and the USA. Our architects follow the approach of copying real life into the virtual model to the best of their abilities.

Maximum Value. Achieved.

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