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20 Jul 2022

Types of Architectural Drafting You Need to Know

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A simple drawing is not enough to build a safe, beautiful structure that meets building codes and stays within budget. This is where professional drawings in the form of drafting services step in, with the right dimensions, elements and lines.

What is Drafting?

Drafting – also called technical drawing – is the process of creating accurate representations of buildings, houses, or objects for architectural, engineering or technical purposes. This work is done by a person called a draftsman or draftsperson, or, less commonly, a building drafter, drafting officer or building designer.

You will require drafting services if you are looking to build, renovate, or remodel a building, complex or structure. The drafting will need to be ready for the contractor. Even if you already have an existing design, you will need drafting services to develop a blueprint for the whole construction team.

Drafting will usually include a main view, a top view, and a side view of the structure or object, as well as objects that are drawn to scale. The drawings are highly detailed. While they are at times used in engineering, they are more common in the architectural sector.

What is Architectural Drafting?

Traditionally, drafting was done on paper, with protractors, pencils and rulers. However, in recent years, Computer Aided Design (CAD) has become the norm.

In architectural drafting, draftspeople are employed to draft building designs, showcasing dimensions, configurations, specifications for appliances, doors, lights, windows and other features, and external details such as fencing, roofing and driveways.

CAD is generally far quicker and more accurate than traditional drafting, and can be stored electronically. Drafting services often use ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Revit to create plans and/or 3D models.

Some other tasks that an architectural drafter may undertake include:

  • Developing sketch plans

  • Conferring with local government and making sure that by-laws and codes are followed while creating project documents

  • Assisting with preparing building specifications to obtain approval

  • Outlining quality and quantity of materials needed, including timeframe, labor rates, and cost

  • Site inspection

When working with an architect, architectural drafters are sometimes also referred to as architectural technicians, building associates, or architectural draftspeople.

Benefits of Drafting Services

  • High-quality CAD drafting makes it possible to calculate the project’s budget before it is even implemented

  • Without a conscious and professional approach towards blueprints, construction errors can cost lives

  • Based on architectural drafting, financial specialists can plan the procurement and working process by estimating the consumption of labor and materials

Types of Drafting in Architecture

There are some architectural drafting types that you should be aware of if you are planning to hire CAD drafting services.

1. Architectural Drafting

Architectural drafting includes floor layouts, sections, elevations, construction site plans, and axonometric and isometric views of a structure. Essentially, these are the drawings required at the initial stages of the project. Before construction starts, the plans are shown to investors and clients to gain approval.

2. Interior Drafting

After the interior design is approved by the client, interior drafting or detailed interior drawings are made for construction or renovation. This is a 2D graphic representation of the interior project’s layers.

The most important interior drawings include:

  • Furniture layout

  • Existing walls layout

  • Electricity plan

  • Floor coverings layout

  • Plumbing plan

  • Ceiling plan

  • Wall elevations & cross sections

When it comes to renovation projects, the interior drafting showcases placements of elements such as plumbing and electrical appliances so that the renovation will not disrupt existing systems.

3. Furniture Drafting

Furniture drafting includes not only drawings for various types of furniture, but also their design. They often include millwork drafting and casework drafting, which are blueprints of wooden furniture, details and elements. Such drafting is used by both furniture manufacturers and interior designers.

The parameters of the relevant rooms should be taken into account, so that the final result will include furniture that maximizes space. This is especially crucial when planning installed storage systems such as walk-in wardrobes.

4. Structural Drafting

Structural drafting can refer to either of the following:

  • Drawings of steel buildings, towers, bridges, dams, and other similar projects

  • A building’s support system, such as beams, columns, and foundations

The drawings include structural details, which require the skills of a licensed engineer. Hence, structural drawings need to be stamped and signed by a professional engineer (PE).

Structural drawings will vary with each project but should generally include the following information:

  • North point

  • Framing details

  • Dimensions of concrete structure on site

  • Locations of all holes, fixings, cavities, chases and other elements that have an effect on concrete mixing

  • Plans, elevations & sections showcasing dimensions, design & levels of concrete elements

5. Electrical Drafting

These are technical drawings of electrical wiring and electrical systems. It can include everything from wiring diagrams for apartment buildings to schematics of automotive electrical systems.

A complete set of electrical drawings for a large project would usually consist of:

  • Control writing diagrams

  • Single-line diagrams

  • General arrangement diagrams

  • Power-riser diagrams displaying panel boards

  • Plot plan with building location & outside electrical wiring

  • Floor plans displaying locations of electrical systems on each floor

  • Schedules


We hope that this article has given you an insight into the various types of drafting you can request in architectural drafting services.

If you require CAD drafting services, BluEntCAD is just a click away. We serve home builders, real estate developers, large architectural and engineering companies, custom home designers, millwork & casework companies, and more. Browse our portfolio to see what we’ve done for our distinguished clients.

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