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21 Sep 2018

A Comprehensive Approach to Understand Architectural Millwork Design

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Architectural millwork design services play an important aspect in crafting individual components or complete products from timber.

What is Millwork?

Millwork is the process of commercially producing any type of woodwork product in a mill. Some of the examples are doors, base trim, window casing, crown molding, wood paneling, and other crucial components of the architectural buildings. At times, the mere production of the raw lumbers (for further utility) is also called as millwork.

Flooring and molding are mostly manufactured in the mills and are counted as millwork. Millwork also involves the fabrication of interior decorative elements such as door casing, crown moldings, baseboards, and mantels. 

It is often observed that almost every architectural building, commercial or residential has some type of integral millwork item. The architectural millwork design approach is being used for creating many specific features for both the interior or the exterior of any building.

Millwork is also termed as a wood-based interior finish which enhances the edges, walls, and corners of the building more personality and vibrantly.

Millwork is widely being utilized in multiple types of projects such as commercial projects, residential houses, educational institutes, etc.

What type of millwork services are available in the architectural industry?

The plethora of services are already available, but it could be a little hectic to make the decision of choosing the right one without knowing much about it. We have succinctly defined the common practices related to architectural millwork design.

  • Complete Service for Millwork

    Complete service involves the entire millwork process and detailing of the project. This type of service usually involves big-budgeted projects such as commercial buildings or a multi-unit housing project.

  • Custom Profile Millwork

    North America has numerous luxurious residents across the continent with the top-quality millwork installed, but the custom profiled millwork makes the project stand out from the rest. Custom millwork allows the stakeholders to get the exact profiling and detailing of the building.
    This service helps in building a personalized home project and adds a unique character to any design. Custom profile millwork has played an integral role in making your home better than an age-old cliché concept and enhance the resale value of the house.

  • We know that a plethora of houses only utilizes standard millwork products these days, but custom profile millwork helps in accelerating the decision making of the potential buyers.

  • Custom Radius Millwork

    Millwork construction with the round or curvy edges can be altered by custom radius millwork. Most applicable products for custom radius millwork are circular windows, curved walls, handrails, arches, kitchen counter corners, bending stairways and a lot more. This is a brilliant way to enhance architectural millwork.

  • In-house Knife Grinding Technique

    Knife grinding practice in millwork makes the designer to match the new millwork design with the existing millwork shapes and patterns. This is majorly practiced in the areas of the house which are partly damaged due to water or fire.

To illustrate this, assume the lower part of the handrail has been damaged by the water leakage of the residential house but the upper part is absolutely perfect. Architects and engineers would fix it with the knife grinding technique where they would create a custom woodwork to match the old design of the handrail without any noticeable differences.

Above mentioned are some of the basic real-time services incorporated in the millwork of the commercial and residential projects.

Material Used in Millwork

Millwork is aesthetically characterized based on the wood species used because each type of wood has specified uniqueness. The material type impacts the look and feel of the millwork product.

It becomes quite overwhelming to choose the right quality of material for your millwork project.  We have enlisted the most popular types of wood species to make it easier for you.

  • Cedar

    Cedar is commonly used in the production of furniture, building exteriors and decks. It has a red appearance and straight grain with the cedar smell. It is a softwood which handles almost all types of environment.

  • Maple

    It’s a popular wood type because of its high quality and availability in multiple varieties. Maple gives you two choices: light brown “sapwood” and dark brown “heartwood”. You can also avail of both soft and hard maple. It is used for flooring because of its strength. This wood species beautifully adapts any kind of interior architectural millwork design.

  • Mahogany

    Mahogany is commonly used in luxurious places and benefited due to its dark red brownish color and straight grain appearance. It is a hardwood that perfectly stains and look astonishing in a variety of architectural millwork designs.

  • Walnut

    Walnut is a hardwood with deep brown color. It is a durable wood species with popular use in interior accent designing.

  • Red Oak

    Red oak has been appreciated for its strength and claimed to be one of the strongest wood available. It is a hardwood with its closed grains that look luxuriously attractive for interior work.

  • Synthetic

    The growing use of synthetic products has made architects consider the products created by combining wood and synthetic components, and these are also considered as a part of millwork.

    Despite the type of material used in a project, people should never compromise on the true quality and the unique aesthetics of the wood material for the best results.


This blog recapitulates the fundamentals of the millwork industry and talks about how millwork embellishes the appearance of the interior and exterior of the building.

BluEntCAD provides Solidworks Design Services & Millwork shop Drawing Services. We have a strong team of drafters and designers who deliver the project with excellence and precision. For more information about millwork drafting, contact us now.

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