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10 Dec 2015

Virtual is the new real

3D is everywhere. From medicine to fashion to architecture, 3D is pushing boundaries and upsetting old limits and re-writing traditional methods of presentation.

Ever since Prometheus stole fire from the gods, man has set out on his ultimate ambition – the creation of life itself. Believe it or not, we have, for the first time, developed a way to print 3D structures laden with embryonic stem cells.

In an interview to, Wei Sun, a professor of mechanical engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Drexel University in Philadelphia, said that these 3D structures could be used like Lego bricks to build tissues ‘and potentially even micro-organs.’

Whoa! What next? Let’s face it, architectural walkthroughs have become essential, especially for architecture. This year, as we collaborated with home-builders to build photo-realistic 3D house renderings for commercial and residential projects in the USA and Canada, we witnessed the exception turn into a norm. We have reason to believe that this is just the beginning.

Our 3D team is super excited to be a part of this next level of reality. As we speak, we are busy turning all the smartphones in our office into amateur Virtual Reality cameras with the Google Cardboard Camera, thanks to our Secret Santa’s early Christmas gift to the team. See you soon.

And, happy holidays!

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