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21 Jun 2023

The Features Buyers Want in London Properties

What are people looking for in London properties? There are many ways to increase a home’s resale value, but when discerning buyers search for “London townhomes” or “London flats” or the like, they want details that are trendy or useful specifically within this bustling, historic city.

To an extent, these features go hand-in-hand with the current building trends in the UK – but they do have identities of their own. In addition to using photorealistic interior and exterior renders, knowing these elements is crucial to selling London properties.

If you’re looking to put properties on London real estate listings, this article is for you.

What Does the London Real Estate Market Look Like Today?

To get a better idea of what to offer buyers, it is useful to get a feel of the current state of the market in London.

  • According to a report by the Greater London Authority, demand is high for rental properties of all sizes, and supply remains lower than demand.

  • Rental growth for new tenancies has begun to slow down, but rents are still much higher than the same time the previous year.

  • Especially in Inner London, rental growth has slowed, and annual rental growth in Outer London has, for the first time since 2021, overtaken Inner London.

  • The London properties sales market has been relatively subdued, with both sellers and buyers exercising caution.

  • Due to economic factors and the end of the Help to Buy scheme, beginnings, completions and sales of private units on large schemes have dropped since 2022’s first quarter.

  • Last quarter saw a fall in homebuilding. Projects are being delayed due to high borrowing costs and lower demand for homes.

  • The number of people searching for rooms in flatshares is higher than the number of rooms available.

The Features Buyers Want in London Homes

Some of the most in-demand features across the UK and London are parking space, a garden, and properties sold through a buying scheme. Semi-detached homes have seen a large increase in demand, while detached homes have seen a decrease.

On the other hand, certain features have seen a dip in popularity: searches for central heating, parking space, white goods, driveways, proximity to train stations, and double garages have all declined. However, that is not to say these elements are necessarily unappealing or reduce the value of a property.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the kinds of features buyers want in London flats and houses.

1. Garden & Patio

In various surveys, from Tapi’s to Rightmove’s, a garden has remained consistently high on the majority of buyers’ wish lists. In fact, many buyers claimed they would increase their offer on a property with a good garden.

The desire for space, greenery, and places to entertain family and friends has only increased since the Covid-19 pandemic. People have realized the value of a place that is self-contained.

Gardens with features such as patios and outdoor offices have also increased in popularity. And by outdoor offices, we don’t mean rickety sheds with desks in them. Currently, many homes with garden offices on listings come with WiFi, air conditioning, and mains electricity.

Indeed, one of the reasons properties in Earl’s Court are so valuable is the number of attractive houses that overlook gorgeous garden squares. The need for architectural landscaping has grown larger.

2. Open Floor Plan

Ah, the open floor plan. It swings in and out of favour, depending on the economic changes and fashions of the time. Currently they’re in vogue in London, since they provide plenty of natural light and are good for entertaining guests. They also act well as multifunctional spaces.

It’s no surprise that they’ve been having a resurgence, considering the prioritization of flexible spaces. Homeowners are starting to swap out separate dining rooms for open plan layouts.

Whatever your choice in layout, it’s prudent to use 3D interactive floor plans to give buyers a good idea of what your space will look like.

3. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has seen a surge in popularity, for both sustainability reasons and the improved aesthetic it provides. By comparison, searches for central heating as a house feature have declined year-on-year.

4. Energy Efficiency & Natural Lighting

Energy efficiency has been increasing in demand for a few years now. Often, younger homebuyers are willing to pay extra for starter homes that are energy efficient. The pandemic lockdowns only accelerated the trend, as more buyers considered long-term savings.

London apartments and houses that can save buyers hundreds of pounds per year in energy bills are high on wish lists, especially as more and more people work from home.

On the topic of energy efficiency, natural light is also in demand. It boosts serotonin, makes us more productive, and reduces the need for artificial lighting and heating.

5. Home Office

A balanced work and home life have become more important to buyers since the start of the pandemic. Remote work is an increasingly common way of life, and many people have moved house in search of spaces with home offices.

Working from a kitchen table or living room is not inadvisable in itself, but it can be less than ideal for buyers with large families or frequent guests. A home office that is secluded from the bustle of the rest of the house can offer much-needed peace and solitude to work efficiently.

6. Hardwood Flooring

The type of flooring in a home can have an impact on quality of life. In London properties, it’s hardwood flooring that’s preferred for parents and pet owners alike.

Hardwood flooring is sleek and easy to maintain, and can increase the value of a home. Out of the types of hardwood flooring, oak is by far the most popular, due to its longevity, durability, and distinctive look.

7. Kitchen Island

The custom kitchen island has become one of the most sought-after features in kitchen designs. The extra structure and aesthetic appeal that a kitchen island provides lure in buyers from large households, as well as those who enjoy entertaining.


As the outlook on London real estate listings becomes clearer, experts believe that demand may pick up. However, this will depend on inflation rates, economic outlook, and the strength of the labor market. In terms of demand, the spring and autumn markets are best, but they also bring more competition.

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