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11 Apr 2018

What is Product Rendering and How Do We Use It?

Want to make a mark in the industry through your product, why not try product rendering?

Gone are the days when products would have to be professionally photographed with a high-end camera in controlled lighting and with editing software, for now, we have what is called product rendering.

You might now ask What is product rendering? Product rendering, in simple language, refers to the use of rendering tools to create photorealistic images that would be used in marketing and advertising, displaying one single product from different angles.

Created through visualization software, product rendering enables marketers to display ideas long before they are actually created and its uses are many, some of which we will see below.

Why should we use product rendering?

For designing purposes

There are many reasons as to why do we use product rendering – one of them is developing the concept of end products.

Engineers working with the artists and technicians find it easier to develop parts during different stages of product development and what to expect as the end-product.

Though such designs are nearly always for aesthetic purposes such as color, lighting, shading and texture, but the more technical elements of product-designing can be easily worked upon if you have a certain visualization in mind.

Thus, actual product manufacturing and delivery takes a whole lot less time.

Over here, we come to what is known as product sketch rendering, where designers would represent their product ideas and concepts through sketching.

Not only does this help in better communication between the designers and the client, but it also enables an instant and effective understanding of the product.

A product sketch renderer must have the artistic ability and a good perspective to make the product look absolutely natural. He must know about the different kinds of sketches and the importance of details to make his work look photorealistic.

  • Improving CAD formats

    There is absolutely need to work on creating physical prototypes for your product anymore as photorealistic product rendering can be easily applied through sample drawings, photographs, CAD formats or even client-specified dimensions.

    The user has to render the lighting in the program in such a way to make the product look realistic. Through 2D images are attractive enough, sometimes that 3D factor makes the product design much more interactive and alive to the client as they actually see it as if in real-life.

    The recently-developed feature called Live Linking, or Live Update enables the user to simultaneously work their rendering and CAD models to enhance the integration between design and rendering.

  • Cloud-based rendering

    If you’re thinking that product rendering can only be done through high-end software, well, you can also do the same through certain web-based platforms such as Lagoa that are perfect for 3D rendering and product visualization if you want to create HD-quality, photorealistic product renderings without the use of any expensive hardware or software

  • For advertising purposes

    Now that your product design is finally rendered, you still need some editing to make it look attractive, such as super-impositions and touch-ups filters.

    All this is generally done by the combined effort of copywriters, advertisers and rendering artists to showcase the best of the product, and what can be its importance on your life.

    Though these concepts can be entirely superficial to the regular customer, these are actually important elements of marketing and advertising needed to attract the customer towards your product.

    Modern technology can develop a product’s need from anything they want it to be. Apart from telling you the purpose of the particular product, it also embodies a desirable lifestyle and compels the customer to try out your product.

    In fact, it is believed that if you can’t make your customer take a second glance at your advertisement for the product, you have lost that customer. That is why we need product rendering, to retain that attraction.


Though the intricacies of product rendering have vastly changed than what they were in the last decade, the basic idea remains the same – to make sales.

If you’re convinced about the many benefits of product rendering and want to know how to make product renders, you should definitely consult the best in the field and watch your sales make an amazing rise soon.

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