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10 Jan 2018

What’s Better: Furniture Photography or 3D Furniture Visualization?

Whether it is furniture photography or 3D furniture visualization, marketing team always require visual images to sell anything.

Whenever you think of buying furniture for your dream house, you look at sample images in a catalog before deciding your pick. It becomes quite mandatory for the furniture designing and manufacturing companies to either go for furniture photography or 3D furniture rendering. Earlier product photography was the only option in the name of promotional images for your catalog.

Furniture kept traveling from the furniture store to photoshoot location and back for that perfect click. This scenario has evolved with time and technology has brought in the virtual photography which is also known as 3D furniture visualization. 3D rendering services are already popular among many big players of the furniture industry. Most of the big interior magazines choose a 3D path as it is the most popular and cost-effective marketing tool.

Why should you stop relying on furniture photography when you can make your life simpler with 3D technologies?

Let’s elaborate the crucial factors which decide the success of your business involving the furniture photography and 3d visualization.

Time Management

Furniture product photography is a time-consuming task. Without images, you can’t begin to sell your product to bigger markets.

It takes experienced professionals like a photographer, project manager or assistant to handle the entire process. It starts with finalizing the shoot location which can either be in the studio or any other exotic outdoor location such as dense green forest, beach, desert etc.

If you want to highlight your furniture product, an indoor white background studio will do. But if you want to go for a staged set-up, then you need to search for a perfect outdoor or indoor location fitting your product theme. This clearly defines the varied timeline depending upon the efficiency of the team working on it.

The formula is quite simple. If you don’t get your images on time, you would delay the catalog printing and that means no customers. Furniture photography takes months to wrap up, for instance, furniture manufacturing, transporting it from place to place for the photoshoot, a time taken for photoshoot, and then post-production work.

3D visualization is quite an indoor task and you don’t even need a huge team working on it. You just need to set your expectation with the 3D artist which involves providing proper details of the product along with the prototype images or the sketch.

Rendering studios also have a skill set to model a fresh design from the scratch. No wait for the photoshoot or worry about transporting stuff here and there.


A cost-effective project is a universal dream for every business. This is the prime requirement of any kind of project. Why wouldn’t it also?  Let’s study the areas which make your project expensive or cost-effective.

Your marketing strategies decide your expenses. If you are going forward with the furniture photography, you need to be prepared for the expenses your way. Here it goes:

  1. Prototype: Manufacturing initial prototypes of every color and shape could get very extravagant affair. It is quite an expensive production and mostly gets wasted at the initial stage.

  2. Transporting: Furniture product needs to be transported to the photoshoot location which involves transport cost and heavy machinery to hold the furniture. Shoot at the outdoor location could get very expensive since they are mostly far.

  3. Décor and Location Rent: You need to rent out a storage area where you can keep your furniture pre-shoot and post photo shoot. You also need to rent a location and buy all the décor objects to make the end result lively and authentic

3D rendering studios are capable of designing any location whether you need your sofa in the middle of New York city road or at the top roof of Empire state building. Moreover, the décor could be of your choice without any expense.


If we talk about exertion and efforts in completing the task, product photography wins the race. Organizing a photoshoot is a hefty task which involves arranging various equipment, décor stuff, and people to sort them. Marketing team does everything possible to get a successful photo, however, various human errors come in between the success.

In a 3D alternative, the design details have been given to the 3D artist with all the specifications and intricacies of the project. An artist work on the project and even make edits as per the marketing team.

Correction Flexibility

When you are working on a design or a picture, edits are always a part of the game.

In photography, a picture can be edited with limitations. You won’t be able to play much with the lighting, angle or color of the furniture. And, eventually, you have to go for a different photoshoot.

Whereas edits and re-work are quite usual steps in 3D rendering design world. If you need a white background or a stylish picture of your product, you have got it with the design team. 3D rendering is a flexible option to create a flawless visualization of your future product.

These are the fundamental factors you need to think before you go ahead with either of the services. You would get almost the same result with both furniture photography and 3D furniture visualization, though the cost and efforts would make all the difference.

BluEntCAD 3D rendering company has been in the 3D Rendering industry for almost two decades. We have been working actively with the team of experienced players who know the strong and weak links of any rendering project. Reach out to us and explore more about your idea.

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