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Bim Facility Management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology has been a revolution for architecture, engineering and construction firms around the world. It streamlines not only the design and construction of a project, but also the facility management operations through access to timely, relevant streams of data.

What We Provide

Our BIM modelers help facility professionals make better decisions and mitigate risks with superior BIM solutions. Here are a few ways our clients use BIM for facility management:

  • Retrofits & Conversions: BIM enables you to obtain accurate 3D models of as-built conditions through our 3D laser scanning services. These greatly reduce the cost, duration and complexity of building renovation projects.

  • Efficient Space Management: Our BIM services can be used to better understand how space in your facility is being used to reduce vacancies and optimize flow, which can drastically reduce operational expenses.

  • Eliminate Energy Waste: BIM technology is equipped with tools that analyze various energy alternatives that have an environmental as well as cost impact on building performance. We work with management to make decisions about day-to-day or retrofit energy solutions.

  • Total Life-cycle Management: We report on long-term building investment and replacement costs. Our clients can use this information to gain an understanding of which materials and appliances are the most cost-effective, considering both the initial cost and lifetime depreciation.

The BluEnt Advantage

BluEntCAD has been a leading North American BIM provider for years, always seeking the latest technological innovation to bring to our projects. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our studio:

  • Extensive Revit experience and high level of customization

  • Superior quality and standards of projects

  • Leveraging multiple opportunities with BIM

  • Parametric family creation and Revit conversion

  • Seamless communication through our convergence facilities

  • Knowledge sharing of the best practices followed in the industry

To learn more about our BIM services, send us a message.

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