3D photo-realistic renderings are crucial for marketing presentations in the home-building industry

Texas, May 18, 2016 : Gone are the days of the open house. Today, it is all about interactive floor plans and photo-realistic walkthroughs. A sizeable section of the AEC industry depends on 3D renderings and 3D modelling to reach out to their customers. In fact, the virtual world has taken over the real world in a powerful way. With the latest stream of 3D technology, outline sketches are a thing of the past. A perfect 3D rendering adds the much-needed realism to a drawing. This year, there has been a renewed demand for 3D based marketing presentations in the construction industry. More people are opting for 3D modeling and architectural renderings so that their end clients can immediately visualize the final product.

3D rendering and modeling companies such as BluEntCAD who are operating in Tampa, Florida and Houston, Texas testify to the fact that there has been a sporadic rise in the demand for 3D based photo-realism from developed markets such as North America and Canada. Reports reveal that companies like BluEntCAD are thinking of better ways to strengthen its 3d rendering capabilities and serve real estate developers in Florida, Texas. One of the prime pursuits has been the attempt to make 3D rendering, virtual tours and walkthroughs more affordable than ever. The team at BluEntCAD takes an entirely customized approach to each rendering project to develop higher quality 3D modeling and virtual tours.

In a recent announcement, BluEntCAD has introduced a package for marketing presentation collateral. This includes a studio package complete with variations in rendering such as artistic, photo-realistic along with options for walkthroughs. Their sales team needs to be contacted for further details. The team informed the press that they will be reserving an additional privilege discount to their existing customers by providing an option of a customizable box of renderings.

One of the spokespersons, Mr Menon said, “3D helps in many ways. Changes can be made at an early stage itself. It is a great tool for receiving feedback”.

With extensive levels of experience in all types of 3D modelling, walkthroughs and rendering services, BluEntCAD outsources 3D services globally which also includes 2D to 3D CAD conversions as well as 3D animations.

If you are looking for 3D architectural services, you can count on BluEntCAD.

Tim Johnson
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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