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CAD Outsourcing Services:
The Need of the Hour in the Architecture Industry

Considering today’s fiercely competitive market, architecture firms around the globe are actively seeking solutions that facilitate better resource utilization, while putting the lid on expenditures.

Outsourcing architectural design drafting services to overseas off-shore studio partners has emerged as a viable option for organizations looking to outsource knowledge- and skill-intensive tasks to save cost and time, improve productivity and take on more projects with the existing infrastructure and workforce.

BluEntCAD functions as your CAD outsourcing studio partner, providing you with a qualified and talented team of design professionals who perform their tasks in a coordinated manner, sharing the responsibility of producing desirable and profitable results for you.

BluEntCAD’s Studio Model is a strategic initiative designed to improve client services globally, by deploying a dedicated resources and infrastructure. Equipped with state-of-the-art communication infrastructure, we dissolve geographical distances to give you the feel of having “Your Studio” right next to your office.

Unique Service Position(s) of BluEnt’s CAD Outsourcing Studio

BluEntCAD’s architectural CAD services create true value for its partners through workshare model. You can expect the following services from CAD Outsourcing Studio. Our uniqueness lies in:

  • High Quality Output at Competent Prices: Aim at providing the ideal mix of quality, consistency, and competitive prices which provides a competitive advantage for us to build long term relationships with customers.

  • Release Yourself from Staffing: While you focus on design, we do focus on your drafting. Our aim is to enable companies to focus on Design and Creativity, leaving the Drafting and Documentation part to us. This leads to optimal utilization of the resources.

  • No Hidden Cost towards Maintaining the Seat: The BluEntCAD studio model ensures that there would be no hidden cost associated towards maintaining the seat. We take care of various aspects such as appraisals, software licenses, and insurances.

  • Fluctuating Work Load: There is always some peak or low phases in every organization where there is either a surge or fall as to normal workload. During these phases, our client can easily ramp up/ramp down the existing team, leading to a more optimum utilization of the resources.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: Our experienced team of architecture design associates can suggest and add value to help you decide an appropriate design for your particular situation.

  • Expert in Latest Technology and Software: Familiarization with the latest technologies has been the key reason for our success in the industry.

  • 24*7 Hour Workshare Environments: Offshoring architectural CAD design services to overseas studio partner gives opportunity for running your business in a 24×7 environment. When your design team finishes their part of the job and call it a day, it can be taken up by the overseas architectural studio immediately. Thus, when your in-house resources are back at work, the drafts would be ready at their desk.

We’ll be happy to assist you with CAD design and drafting services tailored to your business needs. Contact us to get started today!

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