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Editing and Reviewing Ideas

design development support

BluEntCAD’s team of qualified architects, draftsmen and talented technicians creates architectural design development support solutions that enhance your organization’s productivity and efficiency. We have been a pioneer in architectural offshoring and have successfully executed numerous projects for international clients.

After approval of the conceptual design by the client and by those involved in the design process, the design is drafted to scale. Through plans, elevations and sections, the sizes and placement of the rooms, materials to be used, and relationships of different elements are defined.

  • At the Architectural design development stage, the BluEntCAD team works with our client to determine a clear design direction based on the options presented in the conceptual design phase.
  • The chosen direction in most cases is a comprehensive and careful compilation of several ideas generated in the schematic design phase.
  • We discuss with the client all changes, especially specific construction issues that may affect the final project execution and estimates of cost.

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About Architectural Design Development Support: Determining Your Future Design

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