BIM Support Services

Building Information Modeling has provided contractors with a problem solving and time management tool. BluEntCAD helps construction companies implement BIM solutions using experienced modelers. Using BIM on large scale projects can also result in cost savings for contractors in the long run.

BluEntCAD organizes a complete team of modelers that includes multiple disciplines such as architectural, mechanical and electrical and structural experts. We can create 3d models for BIM for trades from various disciplines. A complete BIM model can also be created to run clash detection, therefore providing a solution for general contractors.

The BIM process usually requires cad or Revit drawings in addition to construction specifications. Once separate models have been created for individual disciplines, all of them could be imported into one single model. After the first round of clash detection is run, the contractor coordinates with its own consultants to implement design changes. The model then comes back to BluEntCAD for a rerun of the clashes and this process is repeated till the inconsistencies are resolved.

The BluEntCAD’s team includes local and overseas 3d modellers, each with their expertise in a specific design area. The BIM team has a combined experience of multiple years and has worked on both large and small projects. We have worked on high rise residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare projects. Complex building services that run through each of these projects mandate a requirement to implement BIM solutions. Healthcare projects are one of the most complexes in the industry because they have a higher number of services and departments running through the buildings. Get in touch with our experts to know more about BIM Support ServicesE-mail: US: +1 (832) 476 8459 Canada: +1 (647) 478 5230

BluEntCAD also offers BIM consulting that require onsite solutions. We can review and provide consulting on how Revit and BIM can be incorporated for complex projects.

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