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Why Should you go for 3D Furniture Modeling?

3D Rendering


Right from those swanky car models to those hunky motorcycles, 3D Models are enticing for audience across all age groups and professions. One of the major areas of application of 3D modeling is in the Furnishing Industry. Furniture 3D models are virtual versions of how a particular product will appear in reality. Furnishing industry makes extensive use of 3D furniture modeling. It goes without saying that furniture design begins with a vision of the finished product and with 3D furniture rendering, you bring this vision to life. Interestingly, 3D furniture drafting can be used by both consumers and designers, with something to offer to everyone. So, why does 3D Furniture designing matter? And why should you go for 3D furniture design services? BluEntCAD’s experts reveal in this article.

3D Furniture drawing and its growing importance in the Furniture Industry

Over the last decade, the demand for 3D furnishing has spiked tremendously. Prospective buyers expect to see their furniture and its look and finish even before they place the order. This has made 3D furniture modelling service a boon for businesses everywhere. And at BluEntCAD we say, why not? There is nothing better if you see how your mahogany table will appear even before it’s crafted! After all, a little change in the design is easier said and done than changes in wood.


Moreover, you do need to be different from the competition, don’t you? How do you tackle your competitor who is wooing your customers with ‘too good to be true’ prices? You ensure that your customers get what they ask for. Simple! 3D modeling and rendering services are powerful marketing tools as well. You can breathe life into your online store with visualizations of almost every space you can imagine – right from model home furniture to 3D office furniture. And the best part? Custom furniture modelling is very affordable.

Just pick up your phone and speak to our modeling experts. We promise we have the best talent at the lowest costs!

Let’s look at what 3D furniture modeling is and what can you create with it.

What is 3D Custom furniture modeling?

3D custom modeling is the process by which graphical content is created with the help of 3D software such as AutoCAD and 3DMax. The purpose of modeling furniture in 3D is to create visualization identical to the product in real life. As a technology, 3D rendering has become mainstream in the last decade, evolving into one of the most viable option for attracting customers.


You can use 3D custom furniture modeling to create literally any kind of design – virtually. Say you have an idea for a new ergonomic office cupboard or perhaps you believe that your hotel needs new beds with storage compartments for compactness. Or a new formal dinner table would bring the much-required oomph in the dining lobby. What about that house renovation project? Maybe an ergonomic coffee table and a chair isn’t a bad idea after all! Does your client work from home? They could use a conference table with internal storage space for their laptop and speakers. How about a luxury Jacuzzi on the deck for the chic client you just got? With 3D modeling, your only constraint is your imagination!

What does 3D Furniture model bring to your table?

We’ve already highlighted the advantages of 3D modeling in marketing. You can showcase a whole collection in a different color and style through visual models. This way, when your customers actually want to purchase, they will order with conviction, rather than doubt. When you know the requirements of your client beforehand, it’s easy to make economic projections too. You can also keep a tab on your popular products with market research. The substantial and significant decrease in costs incurred can be regarded as the most prominent benefit of 3D rendering.


There are other advantages when you decide to work with 3D Models for furniture. Let’s have a look:

  • You save heavy on both time and money

    Architectural model furniture can be designed in a plethora of options in both white backdrops as well as interior mode. You can do away with photographers, studio rentals and photo shoots and create product-rich catalogues that give your customers plenty of options to choose from. The plus side? You only manufacture what your customers order and save time and money both.

  • Give your customers more options to choose from

    You can inspire your customers to buy your products with 3D modeling. Just give them a preview of how their interiors will appear with your products and see how their mind changes. Visualized 3D spaces can change the buying decisions of clients as we keep seeing at BluEntCAD. Speak to our experts today to find out how 3D modeling can benefit your furniture shop!


  • Reduce efforts in reproduction

    You can streamline your production process with 3D furniture modeling. Using AutoCAD 3D furniture modeling or 3DS Max furniture modeling, you can change product dimensions without actually changing them. This way, whether you are designing furniture models for corporates or working with luxury furniture 3D models or furniture models for home, you only need to change the product description in catalogue digitally but manufacture the custom orders only.

  • International Décor elements for Interior Designing

    3D Furniture modeling is being used increasingly by interior designers to add décor elements in spaces. Your interior designer can be halfway across the globe, working on creating a truly international interior for you and you can collaborate from another half of the globe and get the exact replica built with the help of 3D furniture design created.


  • Addressing custom demands

    We’ve seen several cases where organizations have demanded specific models to accentuate a particular setting. This is especially prominent in the healthcare industry where every hospital has its own specific furniture pre-requisites. Other than hospitals, a major surge in custom modeling requests is observed during festivals where brands attract customers by appealing to their preferences. It’s not feasible to invest heavily in manufacturing, nor is it a wise option. 3D rendering can rescue you from this situation by creating one-time visuals which increase sales and appeal your customers at the same time. No matter the occasion or the industry, you are always client-ready with 3D furniture modeling.

  • A multitude of options and choices

    Is your client in favor of a theme based hotel? Or are you planning to launch an outdoor collection for winters? Irrespective of the setting, you can create 3D models with assorted options in a short span of time. Since the products appear life-like, you can offer a world of choices to your customers and satisfy them to their heart’s content.

  • A palette of visual resources for marketing and promotional campaigns

    Are you planning a promotional mailer during Christmas for your new winter collection? Or just want to inform your customers of a new shop you opened? Use 3D architectural rendering to create strategic marketing collateral and share on social media or send via email or simply distribute as flyers in your neighbourhood to attract potential customers and boost revenue.

What kinds of 3D furniture modeling options are available for me?

Based on your preference, you can go for lifestyle models, product associates or exclusive visage to showcase your product range and build a brand name.

Product Associate: This type of 3D modeling is used when you want to give maximum weightage to a particular product, followed by complimentary furnishing. Say you’ve just launched a new ergonomic sofa set that you want to showcase. You can add a coffee table and potted plants next to the settee and enable your customers to imbibe the actual feel of the furniture.


Lifestyle Model: Mainly used by Interior decorators, this type of 3D modeling allows clients to walk through their homes visually and see how their choice of furnishing appears. This helps clients to take more informed decisions and suggest changes in case they change their minds.

Exclusive Visage: Typically used to emphasize the appearance of a product Exclusive Visage makes use of white or black background. This gives the viewer a clear idea of the dimensions of the product.

Your partner matters

In your journey to reinvent your brand, you need an expert partner who can guide you with the intricacies of 3D furnishing. Most businesses cannot create 3D models on their own and it’s always better to outsource 3D furniture modeling services. You get experts who know their way around software and have valuable industry experience – like BluEntCAD. Our team of 30+ expert designers, renderers, artists and consultants are available round the clock to listen to your ideas, work on them and give you the most polished results in best possible prices! Get in touch today for a free consultation!

Maximum Value. Achieved.


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