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3D Rendering: Here’s how BluEntCAD brings your visualizations to life

3D Rendering


Creating architectural structures, be it commercial spaces or residential properties, is not an easytask. There are many elements to be considered during construction. One of the surest ways to work in tandem with both client and contractor expectations is to work with blueprints. Blueprints, either of home or office as per designs give a clear understanding of the proposed interior and exterior design to all stakeholders involved. Involving all parties in the loop is essential for successful completion of the project. There may be numerous modifications and changes required by clients post construction to meet their level of expectations – this can become a very expensive deal! BluEntCAD, with our 3D Architectural rendering and visualization services–allows clients a proper visualization of their space. We pay attention to the client’s budget, requirements and preferred styles and create 3D visualizations using 2D scenes which bring the original sketches to life like images. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about 3D RenderingE-mail:
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BluEntCAD’s Effective 3D Rendering & Drafting bring ideas to life The designers and architects at BluEntCAD create a 3D render by focusing on the client’s idea. We incorporate elements such as view, lighting and people into our model. With the help of professional 3D rendering software, our drafting experts are able to bring the designs to life. Since our mind is used to placing itself in 3D environments, it’s much easier for the stakeholders to be at home in a space designed in 3D with the added aspect of depth.

Our takeaway?


Client satisfaction and a great model ready to be constructed.

What BluEntCAD offers?

  • The elements added to the model can be changed or removed or modified as per the client’s request for no additional costs incurred.
  • Our experts work with the latest technologies and tools. It allows the architects to create perfect presentations as per client’s expectations.
  • The design components such as layout, furniture, color schemes, type and nature of light, are easily changeable and not at all time-consuming.

Architectural 3D rendering involves the creation of many real-life objects to virtual software environment such as water, skies, grass, plants, trees, people, trees beside others. BluEntCAD’s team uses powerful 3D rendering software that contains enormous libraries entailing materials, tools and artistic effects. All of this is seamlessly and flawlessly integrated into our visualizations breathe life into the imagined space. Some of our signature styles to bring your designs to life are:


  • Three camera angles to observe designs from any point
  • Lighting, textures, and shadows are added as per design and environment
  • The appropriate lighting is given to get the desired effect
  • The structure is submerged within a real-time visualization environment – creation of the ‘real-time’ environment includes moving people and vehicles, sweeping grass and plants around the structure, swaying clouds etc.


According to BluEntCAD’s SVP Mr. Sajeel Khanna, the benefits of 3D rendering are endless as they are able to exceed the client’s expectations in many ways. The utilization of 3D rendering has been saving time and costs, bringing out more realistic designs and giving BluEnt that edge it needs to be amongst the top-notch architectural organizations. Connect with BluEntCAD to create the most realistic designs for your space – we help in closing the gap between what you visualize your space to be and what it actually is in real life.

With our expert 3D rendering professionals, you can completely trust with your home and office visualizing needs.


Maximum Value. Achieved.

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