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13 Jul 2016

4 Magical Ways Of Using 3D Modeling

We are living in a virtual world. Technology has always fascinated me. I still look at it as magic. It has almost changed the way we work or be artistic for that matter. In old times, architecture was all about pencils and sketches which required the artists time and energy. 3D technologies have significantly changed the design and modeling processes over the years, allowing architects to progress.  Contemporary technology has made great strides and made many advances in vision and imagination. Various industries have been using 3D technologies to bring their businesses’ visions to life.

3D rendering and modeling are impeccable combinations of technologies that loosen designers to visualize their ideas in a more creative way, using realistic elements like texture, effects, and lighting to make a true representation.

3D or three-dimensional models have been widely used by various industries. For a better understanding of the need for this technology, let’s read more about its importance in various fields.

Architecture – Art you house or building even before they exist in real

For years, architects were rendering their blueprints in the form of drawings. These architectural handmade drawings were the first visual of your house. Now, these renderings are done with the use of technology which completely turns the process of work. With the help of a computer, one can add all motion and depth to the design. It helps us to get the birds-eye or a ground perspective view. You can even enter inside the structure, this way you know all minute details of your project and make amendments if required.

Medical Science – Made life wonderfully and comparatively easy for people associated with this field

You must remember, you visit a dentist or any other specialist, apart from the medicine like smell, you also notice various 3D structures of teeth, organs or skeletal system. These models are used for teaching medical students, explaining a particular disease and procedures of cure to the patients. I have never seen an organ (apart from Biology labs) in its alive form. I definitely don’t wish to as well. These 3D models give us the opportunity to visualize the organ in the correct manner.

The software has made it possible for surgeons to create surgical plans and be assisted throughout the procedures. Specific software renders 3D images of the organs that are to be operated upon. These medical 3D models are accurate in size and shape but some also in detail – even texture. This technology has added a lot in the medical field.

Entertainment – Most obvious places are films and gaming

This area interests most of us. Be it a movie, television shows or video games, 3D modeling acts as a basic requirement. Whether it is a small budget movie from Hollywood or some Sci-Fi movie, no work is complete without extensive use of 3D modeling. Not only special effects like creating environments that never existed before and supernatural occurrences that unfold quite naturally, but it’s not uncommon to have shots, where things are added that you might not even realize are not real.

Similarly, video games are becoming more realistic. Whether it’s destroying aliens or driving animated automobiles at speed are starting to look a great deal more like actual scenes, props and people.

Geology – Science and environmental changes

Geologists and scientists can use 3D modeling to create models that simulate earthquakes and landforms, such as ocean trenches, that let them see the effects of stresses. This majorly helps them to study and predict future changes.

How are you making 3D Modeling magical?

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