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06 Feb 2018

5 Signs Indicate That You need to Renovate Your House

Everyone wants a dazzling and cozy home, but we know that good looking homes

need core maintenance and care.

Your perfect house won’t stay that way forever which makes you give serious thoughts to renovation. Don’t worry, you aren’t obsessed with perfection, that’s how it should be. Every house owner should renovate their interior every passing decade or less if it is really needed. Your reasons could be completely subjective or technically necessary, it’s you who need to make this choice. Whether you want to renovate your house to increase the market value before selling or you are just bored and want to make your house interior more warm and functional than before. Most of us believe that renovating your home won’t be easy to your pocket which isn’t entirely wrong. Though, if home remodeling is planned strategically and only when it is actually required, you would technically end up making money.

We have talked earlier about home maintenance where people love using expensive services such as steam cleaning or the window robots timely to maintain the quality of the house. These high-tech gadgets can definitely slow down the crumble, but it is going to come on your way. This is where renovation plays an important role where you avoid the complete destruction of your house.

Let’s discuss five dominant signs which indicate that your home needs renovation soon.

You have stopped inviting your friends home

This might sound funny, but this is the truth. When you avoid calling your closed ones over a small patch on a wall, you need to do something to fix it. An issue could be anything, it would need your attention to mend the situation. Change your old furniture, install new lighting, replace the wallpaper and old carpet. Whether you agree or not, but renovating your home could be a fun and satisfactory process. After all, living in a comfortable and cozy home where you spend good memories of your life is quite precious.

stopped Calling-over-your-friend's-home

Your family is getting bigger

You were absolutely happy with the structure and interior of your house until you were a small family of two. Once you expand your family and have kids, you get the feeling that your house is shrinking. Nothing is at its place; the house is always a mess and there isn’t enough space. Argh, you can’t keep it organized. Most people come to a solution of buying a bigger house. Why don’t they consider breaking few walls and expanding the current house interior? This would give a solution of extra bedrooms and storage rooms as similar to buying a new house. House remodeling would be quite cost-effective in comparison to buying a new place altogether. And, once your kids are in college and eventually move out, you would get more space for re-organizing it into your study or entertainment area.


When your floor starts wearing off

Your floor tiles can come off for various reasons as it goes through a lot. Imagine the number of footsteps and heavy furniture pieces which your floor carries. Mostly the kitchen and the bathroom floors need the replacement of tiles. The floor can be damaged due to numerous reasons such as bad quality adhesive, accidental breakage etc. Renovation of your floor can give you an opportunity to change the look of your house. You can change the flooring design by choosing different tiles or entirely replacing it with the wooden flooring. Hands down, wood floors look spectacular!


The wall paint looks shabby and starts coming off

Another factor which confirms the idea of renovation is when your interior and exterior paint starts coming off and looks dirty. There could be many factors resulting in chipping off the paint such as time, chemicals, low-quality paint, cracks etc. Paint is the face of your home, it represents your home. When your house starts looking bad, this indicates as the right time for remodeling of your house. Painting is one of the best cost-effective procedure to renovate your house. Especially, in the kitchen area, repainting the cabinets could be more affordable and quickest method to achieve a new look.

Renovate Your House

The house feels boring and old-fashioned

This sounds like no reason, yet most people get their house renovated because they are bored with the existing interior design. For instance, the golden door knobs or handles were quite a thing during 90’s, many people love saving this vintage look even now in 2018 as well. Though it looks quite boring to many of us as we have evolved so much in our design and architectural technology. You can probably opt for bronze or nickel polished bathroom accessories and door knobs; this simple change could also bring modern fusion to your house.


We know that these signs are quite basic to notice, yet they play a major role in keeping your home away from deterioration as you decide interior renovation at the right time. BluEntCAD is an outsourcing company which helps architects, interior designers and contractors to renovate your dream house using interior designing documents. We have gathered years of experience in the architectural industry churning construction documents of your schematic interior design. We have a team of experienced players who know the strong and weak links of construction documents to draft the best-looking results. Reach out to us for your interior design renovation project.

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