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15 Jan 2019

Top 8 Benefits of Professional 3D Interior Rendering in Your Design Projects

Every interior designing project should be explained to clients with professional 3D interior rendering. This is because, in most cases, clients have multiple things or sometimes nothing to start with and it becomes the designer’s responsibility to make it clear to the client. Hence, 3D interior rendering comes into play.

The 3D interior designing industry is constantly growing and has proven to be a successful marketing tool for real estate professionals. Professional 3D interior renderings are helping architects and stakeholders to sell large amounts of luxury architectural properties.

In fact, the 3D architectural rendering software and global visualization market size is expected to increase from $1.06 billion in 2017 to $2.92 billion by 2022.

3D interior rendering technology has advanced so much that it has become challenging to differentiate between the real and rendered image in some projects.

Interior renderings have become a popular medium that is changing conventional images, like of floor plans and 2D renderings, into photorealistic renderings for architectural interiors. Real estate developers and marketing agencies are also using 3D interior renderings as a strong marketing tool.

Traditional technology ideas make complicated interior projects challenging to pursue in today’s time. We have listed the top benefits of professional 3D rendering below:

  • Offers Complete Experience

    Developing an interior rendering using 3D technology reduces effort from the client’s side because they receive detailed renders visualizing their interior design.

    Designers assemble separate elements from the mood board and create photorealistic 3D renderings. No single designer or architect can pull this off alone, which is why you need professionals.

    A professional 3D interior rendering service would be able to take you through the entire designing process until you get the final product.

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  • Better Marketing and Sales

    3D interior renderings are your new salespeople. They are often used to market luxury residential and commercial interior projects. This positively affects buyers or stakeholders and leaves a mark as they are able to analyze every detail of the interior project.

  • Easy to Explain

    It is easy to convey design ideas using 3D animation walkthroughs and rendered images of the interiors. This leaves fewer doubts about the design before the actual work starts, and clients can suggest changes at the right time.

  • Clients Approve Easily

    An informed customer would be able to make their decision quicker. 3D interior renderings facilitate the real estate firms to fetch approvals from the clients.

    However, some stakeholders might want to reconsider few changes in the original 3D interior images. This process allows designers to make such changes at the design stage itself.

  • Less Scope for Misunderstandings

    The chances of going wrong with anything if you are opting for interior renderings are slim. 3D interior renderings showcase every specification, and this helps in better coordination among designers, architects, and builders. They also encourage designers to discuss various aspects of the renovation or the designing project in advance, so that the final result will satisfy everyone.

  • Saves Time

    The 3D rendering process helps in accelerating the project timeline. Nevertheless, you should make sure that it is done by an experienced organization.

    Interior renderings have shifted architects from the moodboards era and given better and faster options.

  • Cost Effective

    Creating 3D interior renderings is easy on the pocket of the stakeholders. It is more convenient and economical to design 3D visualizations than to actually build interior furniture.

    In most projects, clients want to suggest changes while on the job, and it leads to the added expenses. 3D rendering can create multiple designs and then re-work them without spending money on the actual material. 

  • Custom Experience

    Having access to the interior design early in the project allows designers and clients to suggest ideas. Interior designers can incorporate innovations and deliver designs that are tailored to the specifications of the clients. This helps in encouraging a healthy relationship with your clients and enhances your service value.


Including 3D interior rendering services in your interior designing process will take your project towards the success. One of the best ways to achieve this is by outsourcing the rendering service.

BluEntCAD provides 3D rendering services to the AEC industry. We have a strong team of architects, interior designers, and project managers to provide the best results for you. To know more, contact us here!

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