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18 May 2018

Benefits Of Virtual Reality In Architecture Design

Expanding the gaming landscape, Virtual reality (VR) is slowly yet steadily paving its way into our day to day life across various sectors. Virtual reality has evolved tremendously with better programming and visual devices. The advancement is blurring the line between reality and creativity. With VR solutions becoming more affordable, enterprises like Architectural firms are using VR in Architectural Design to showcase their upcoming projects in an entirely new light.

Those who are still avoiding the VR in Architectural design must understand that they need to bring it onboard and the sooner, the better.

It is no more about looks, it is the feel too!

Architects moved from 2D to 3D models in client meetings but something is still missing. As an architect, you have a creative mind and can feel the aesthetics of the project model. But are you sure the client will feel the same?

They will have a lot of questions and you have to theoretically run them down through all the answers. With the rising demands of customers and clients, keeping pace with their expectations is not easy and this is where VR plays a pivotal role.

Virtual reality is a great hand holding mechanism where it takes the client through an engaging environment to grasp the feel of the entire project. It takes care of all the grilling you need to go through and the clients can actually interact with the project and its features. They can make changes to the project in real-time and feel more close to the project.

All in all, it is a satisfactory and self-explanatory process.

It saves you cost and time

Virtual Reality is no longer a costly investment for anyone. With the evolution of technology, developers are able to build pocket-friendly customized VR architecture design software. You can thus save a lot of effort that goes into explaining the features of your project.

With VR programs, the client interacts with the design and makes changes as he wishes so you no longer need to go back and forth with design changes.  With affordable software and hardware equipment, VR is your one-stop investment that keeps delivering accurate and precise results. If you have a futuristic and progressive approach, VR is the first space where you must invest. Today, many architects fear to tread in this unknown zone; by staying away they are losing their clients to the firms who offer a better experience to clients with VR.

Assists in Training

On-job training is very strenuous. Along with their own set of tasks piling up, firms need to also catch up with the new hiring training program. With Virtual reality, you can save a lot of time and effort that goes into training the new hires.

With virtual reality, you can design software that incorporates all your aspects of your training program. It offers new hires in the architectural world a very engaging and interactive program where they can learn at a better speed. It works to improve their power of visualization and they are ready to work in the most high-end infrastructure space with better accuracy and precision. Training through Virtual reality in Architecture offers you a complete package right from the incubation period to client interactions and handling tasks as well.

Early bird advantage

The adoption of Virtual reality architecture visualization is still in its nascent stage.  If you ride the bandwagon as an early bird, you will have the advantage over your competitors. By offering an entirely new way of interacting with the product, you develop a trustworthy relationship with clients that help you realize the business goals.

Final thought

With virtual reality, clients do not need to trust you with tall promises; nor does he need to borrow your creative mindset to understand how impactful impression the product will look and feel like eventually.

Apart from offering advantages in marketing, Virtual reality software offers you a more productive and efficient workspace where the issues can be fixed easily saving you the cost of a complete remodeling of designs for minor changes.

BluEntCAD- Architecture Visualization Company provides of 3D architectural animation services for architects. The team of trained professionals offers highly personalized software that saves both effort and time. By offering our services at the most cost affordable packages, we aim to help architects and engineers evolve with the new age technology.

If you are looking for a better way to design your layouts and market them well, our experts are just a call away to offer a free consultation where they understand your needs and bring you a VR based solution for higher productivity.

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