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07 Jan 2021

Dining Interiors: Creating the Right Ambience with Custom Millwork Designs

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2020 bade farewell to many millwork trends, including dark wood cabinets and the gray color palette. What is going to define dining interiors in 2021?

Wallpaper and wainscoting

The classic combination of wallpaper and wainscoting can give your dining room or restaurant a wow factor. While wallpaper adds a cool texture to the dining area, wainscoting accentuates the overall impact.

For restaurant interiors, the wainscoting should be run higher than the typical 36-inch height. 54-inch wainscoting gives a modern ambience to the space. As far as color palette is concerned, don’t limit yourself to stained or white-painted restaurant millwork. Pick a shade that you like with a complementing palette.

Geometrical patterns on walls

A drab commercial space can be transformed with the right millwork design trends. If you are bored with a wallpaper, you can use millwork to create an eye-catching pattern. Most upscale restaurants go with an abstract design or a geometric pattern. Such designs add depth and pique the visual interest of diners.

However, to achieve such a look, precise measuring and cutting is required, so make sure that you have a skilled carpenter. Taking help from a millwork drafting services provider is also a good idea. The right designs make construction easier.

Contemporary, minimalist furnishing

Minimalist furnishing increases the functionality of dining spaces and gives it a chic and classy appearance. Restaurants that are trying to bring newness to their ambience and layout can leverage the appeal of minimalist furniture.

The disappearance of upper cabinets is another minimalistic trend that is on the rise. It has been replaced by open shelving – a much-needed changed from the cramped kitchens of the 70s.

Open shelving has several advantages. It provides an opportunity to add personality to a minimalist kitchen with thoughtfully picked décor. It also offers easy accessibility to beautifully displayed mugs and spices.

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To compensate for upper cabinets, homeowners are turning to deeper drawers to stow away plates, bowls, and pans conveniently. Even pantry items can be stored within reach along with appliances – usually in deep drawers instead of stashed behind cabinet doors.

Bonding with nature

Biophilia is another popular millwork trend that’s impacted the layouts of dining interiors. Big glass windows and walls with wooden fixtures or big overhead open doors are being installed by restaurants for guests to enjoy the company of nature.

Many al fresco dining spaces make use of fancy rooftops and outdoor millwork to provide a pleasant dining experience. Defined shapes like triangles, circles, and arches are evolving towards curved designs and free-form seating spaces.

Highlighting the ceiling with custom millwork designs

The ceiling is an integral part of restaurant interiors, and adding crown or panel molding to it gives character to any commercial space. For novices, a grid pattern with small trim pieces and a white finish could do the trick.

For experienced restaurateurs, a high ceiling with picture rails, painted with accent colors would exaggerate the ceiling and create a distinct visual design.

BluEntCAD‘s designers and millworkers have really enjoyed working with restaurants to help them create enticing dining spaces. Connect with us to incorporate these millwork design trends and to brainstorm more alluring ideas for a unique restaurant ambiance.

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