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02 Nov 2022

Building a Mediterranean Style House? Here are its Defining Features

If you are constructing a Mediterranean style house, you’ll want to know the main features of Mediterranean style homes. This way, the process from design to architectural documentation to 3D architectural rendering will become far smoother.

Mediterranean architecture was initially inspired by house styles in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and other Mediterranean countries. However, over time, designers started incorporating architectural influences from Greece, France, Morocco, and other countries.

Because the style has so many influences, it is sometimes referred to as Mission Revival, Neo-Mediterranean, Spanish colonial, and Moroccan style, among others.

Having said that, despite all the different cultural aspects, all Mediterranean style homes are meant to be one thing: a relaxing retreat that blends in with its natural surroundings. They are ideal for people who enjoy luxurious living and vacations spent on the seaside.

Introduction to Mediterranean Architecture

Picture carved doors, raw iron and metalwork on balconies and windows, terracotta tiled roofs, and white painted brick or stucco – you can almost smell the sea breeze.

Mediterranean style homes originated in the 1920s. Wealthy people during this period – the Roaring Twenties – were consumed with the ideas of leisure and money, resulting in a wave of seaside resorts in the US.

Initially, the Mediterranean style was only used for structures such as hotels and resorts. Eventually, however, architects such as Bertram Goodhue and Addison Mizner realized that the breezy, comfortable layout would be a good fit for the US’ coastal areas. Even today, you’ll find Mediterranean style homes scattered across warm-weather locations such as Florida and California.

These homes remind both residents and viewers of sunny coastal holidays and luxury vacations at seasides.

But what features do Mediterranean style homes actually have? Let’s take a look.

Features of the Mediterranean House

If you appreciate simple yet elegant spaces, Mediterranean architecture might be for you. Its timelessly beautiful and welcoming, and won’t ever go out of style. You’ll see a lot of whites, blues, ceramics, stone (especially tuff stone), frescoed ceilings, raw wood, and pergolas.

Stucco Walls

Stucco walls, both interior and exterior, are commonly found in homes in warm, dry climates.

This is because these walls can help to retain the cool air of the interiors. Furthermore, at night, when temperatures drop, the walls slowly release the accumulated warmth from the day throughout the home.

Symmetrical Facades

Mediterranean homes tend to have big, symmetrical exteriors. Typically, the front door will be in the center and flanked by wrought-iron gated windows.

Ornate Archways

The windows and doors often have ornate archways constructed around them. These serve both decorative and structural purposes. You can also decorate the archways with mosaic glass or colorful tiles.

Red Clay Roof Tiles

You’ll often find red clay roof tiles, especially terracotta, shaped like half-tubes on Mediterranean style homes. The shape helps water to drain easily and cools the house in hot weather by capturing cold air in its pockets.

Wrought Iron

Mediterranean style houses often feature iron balconies, decorations, and window grilles. Wrought iron is used not only on the exteriors, but as a decorative element in patios, terraces and gardens. This adds a warm, elegant air to the house, as well as additional details.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Mediterranean architecture blends with its natural environment. Hence, many homes feature outdoor living spaces, such as balconies, atriums, patios and terraces. They also tend to have various access points to their outdoor spaces, such as tall doors and windows. It’s all about bringing the outdoors into the home.

Interior Features

  • Rectangular floor plans

  • Lots of patterned tile and wood

  • High ceilings

  • One or two stories

  • Constructed to allow the breeze to flow through the home

Challenges With Mediterranean Architecture

As with any architectural style, the Mediterranean style comes with its challenges. You should consider these before you decide to construct a Mediterranean style house.

  • Often, Mediterranean style houses are built in warmer climates. This means that, if you paint the house white, the staining of wooden windows and doors won’t wear well due to the sun.

  • Be careful not to add on haphazardly to older Mediterranean style homes, which were built to be small. It is best to strive for a cohesive look.

  • Storage and sunlight can be inadequate. This is because the homes tend to have smaller windows, lower ceilings, and more intimate spaces. Hence, you may have to add skylights and windows, and consider the types of lighting that will fit it.


The breezy, welcoming look of Mediterranean architecture captures the hearts of people from all over the world. We hope this article has given you an insight into this beautiful style.

If you are building a Mediterranean style house and really want to wow your client or investors, we recommend using 3D architectural rendering.

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