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13 Aug 2018

Jazz Up Your Hotel Interiors With Custom Hospitality Millwork

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Deloitte released its findings for the Travel and Hospitality industry in 2017:

“The hotel industry continues a run of strong performance and is projected to sustain strong 5–6 percent growth throughout 2018. Some analysts are concerned as this industry is usually cyclic, but optimists seem to outnumber pessimists. Throughout the year, hoteliers will be looking for an opportunity in strategic places, including a revisit of the midscale experience, traveler-facing tech, health and wellness, and loyalty.”

Needless to mention, the hospitality business is on the rise. Not only can your hotel do better in terms of business, but this spurting growth is also a lucrative opportunity to build your brand!

And we at BluEntCAD, your neighborhood experts on custom millwork services, will help you with hotel interiors with custom hospitality millwork and casework. Read to find out how!

Why custom architectural millwork matter?

Hotel interior design adds class to your business. Today’s techno-savvy traveler has a plethora of options to choose from. Starting right from the way a room looks to the furnishing amenities you plan on providing your guests, there is a lot of potential to revamp your space with custom hospitality millwork and casework.

The right molding and millwork will ensure that your guests have the best stay-in experience with so much comfort that they want to return!

What kind of hotel millwork are we talking about?

Hotel Interiors with Custom Millwork can brighten up the feel and look of any interior space. What would you prefer? An empty reception area without a sitting area, cabinets, and furnishing or a richly spread area with plush cabinets, designed armrests, and suave tables?

We rest our case!

Thoughtful accents go a long way in giving your hotel interiors a personal touch. Most often, custom hospitality millwork is designed on-demand, which means that your space has the chance to stand out from the crowd of mass-produced pieces and we all know how uniqueness adds to the USP of a place.

Having said that, let’s explore how custom millwork can be incorporated into your design to positively affect your hotel and given your customers the benefits of good hospitality!

Incorporating Architectural Millwork Drafting into your design

  • Accented Ceiling Details for that ‘royal’ look

    You can install millwork on your ceiling for creating a design that’s subtle yet creates a statement. Whatever may be the style, ceiling millwork can be drafted easily to add echo your molding to add coherence to the other elements of your room.

    What kind of ceiling details should I go for?

    Ceiling details range from highly simple to vastly intricate and ornate installments – a choice that lies entirely with you. Whatever design you decide to go for, investing in custom millwork for ceiling will entice your guests surely! If you’re looking for inspiration, you can speak with experience consultants at BluEntCAD.

  • Wood Paneling for ‘palatial’ experience

    You might have a property in the dead-center of the city, but this does not mean that your guests cannot relax in the lap of nature. Wood is all-natural and gives your room a soothing appearance. Imagine rich, warm wood panels and floors throughout your space and the image of lavish studies of literati and wall covering of Georgian and Colonial interiors spring to mind!

    You can achieve this look in your hotel property. Wood delivers a clean surface that reflects a pleasant touch. Unlike plastering, wood does not discolor with time. Moreover, custom wood paneling is excellent for concealing loose wires and cables that would otherwise look ugly.

    There is only so much you can do with wood. Go for rich, textured panels or go for sober, quiet panels. Discuss how woodwork would look in your hotel rooms with BluEntCAD’s experts.

  • Modular custom cabinets for ‘sophisticated’ look

    No room would look good without cabinets and closets. Custom casework can be installed in your hotel rooms for offering storage solutions that enhance the aesthetics of your room as well as keep stuff organized.

    You can opt for built-in cabinets. These gel in well with the other design elements of your room. You can also go for tailored solutions including cabinets that cater to individuals with special needs, families with infants and baby-proof furnishing. Custom casework, in this way, showcases skilled craftsmanship with furnishing that lasts.

    You can either go to commercial millwork companies if you want to get furnishings directly or speak with millwork drafting companies like BluEntCAD in case you want to get a preview of how cabinets will look after installation. We’d be happy to help out!

Which spaces should have an installation of custom millwork?

Whether it’s your hotel lobby or the storage spaces of your rooms, custom millwork can be installed anywhere and everywhere.

Some of the popular intrinsic styles include custom millwork installation in bathrooms, lobbies and open space areas of your property.

  • Bathroom Millwork

    Bathrooms are places for contemplation. Few of us have found groundbreaking ideas while showering. Think of Archimedes’ ‘Eureka’ moment! This isn’t a joke. When bathrooms are such important spaces, why not nurture them with creativity? Who knows the next ‘eureka’ moment might be born in your hotel!

    There is a lot you can do with the space a washroom gives to your guests. We’ve seen several clients who have had magnificent buildings designed by us with plain washrooms. Why not add character to your washroom with ambient lighting, accentuated false ceilings, customized storage, and other vanities?

    If you’re looking for ideas, speak with our custom design experts today to get inspired!

  • Lobby millwork

    Once upon a time, lobbies were only used for check-ins and taking the elevators. Not anymore! Today’s lobbies are tastefully created with bright colors, bold furnishing, and fancy ceilings.

    We always emphasize on having an impressive lobby area because this is the first impression your guests have of your property when they walk in. You can also design your lobby on a theme. There could be a waterfall inside or wooden floors that give your hotel a forest-y appeal. When it comes to creativity, you are only restrained by your imagination!

  • Millwork for Open Spaces

    Gone are the days when the guests could be satisfied with a nightstand, a bed, and a single couch. Today’s hotel designs are geared towards creating the vacation experience as personalized as possible. And you can certainly reap the benefits of exquisite hotel furnishing and custom millwork to enchant your guests. Try large decks and open terraces, which give your guests a sense of freedom. Consider large glass windows so that the visitors do not feel claustrophobic. Add round or spiral staircases that give your hotel a majestic, fairytale air.

    And as always, we’re just a phone call away if you want to get inspired!

BluEntCAD is always on the lookout for new challenges. Design and drafting is what we breathe and create. Do get in touch if you want to work with experienced drafters and efficient consultants!

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