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10 Aug 2018

Technology is Influencing and Revolutionizing Interior Design Drafting Services

From drawings to computers, CAD drafting services has undergone a tremendous transformation. There was a time when the compass sets, drafting brushes and other such equipment was an integral part of architectural interior design drafting. However, if we look at how technology has revolutionized interior design drafting services – there is no doubt that the list will go on.

Technology has impacted every industry in a colossal way and architectural interior design hasn’t been left out. Whether you want to explore the restaurant interior design or for that matter get a complete outlook on the commercial interior design trends 2018 – the influence of technology is undefeatable. From BIM to Revit to Virtual Reality to 3D Printing – the shift to a faster and more realistic outcome of CAD drafting services is taking architectural interior design to another level altogether.

The (almost) final fabrication of a space: Envisioning a completed space is an easy task for drafters and designers but most clients find it extremely tedious to do so. This is where technology has impacted the interior design drafting services the most. Rendering an interior space with the exact furnishings that offers a most realistic vision to the clients is what is driving the interior design industry to a massive success. This means less trial and error and giving the clients what they truly want. But before we get there drafting the design part of the space is crucial.

The more ‘modern’ and ‘promising’ technological solutions are changing the way interior designers work. BluEntCAD has incorporated the latest residential as well as commercial interior design trends to provide the clients with visually stunning interior spaces.

Technology and the ever-changing sphere of interior design drafting services

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

The advent of a few influential practices and software such as BIM has managed to improve productivity and churn out more creative aspects of ‘interior design’. BIM has enabled BluEntCAD professionals to create more unique and innovative interior design for commercial spaces as well as residential spaces.

The newer processes in the CAD drafting services have allowed the experts to work as a team on huge complex projects more seamlessly and effortlessly. BIM software now enables the entire team involved in the project to access models from anywhere, at any time. BIM has indeed helped the entire team including the designers and drafters to maximize productivity and collaboration on every project.

VR (Virtual Reality)

VR has been on the verge of taking over the interior design industry. The advancements in virtual reality is enabling BluEntCAD professionals to create simulation of virtual environments. This is not just a futuristic ‘vision’ but is about to become way more reasonable and real in the design world. Clients have a tough time visioning their future spaces. This format is going to allow the interior design drafters to work on developing almost life-like yet computer-spawned space in 3D. One big advantage of Virtual Reality would be the reduction of risk that is likely when one is physically interacting with unviable spaces and environment.

3D rendering and architectural visualization

From walls to ceiling, floors and all of the art and furnishings in between to both artificial and natural light – a client gets to experience it all! The technological advances in both 3D modeling and 3D rendering is having a colossal impact on everything in the design world. The designers are able to produce real life objects and it’s completely changing the way interior design works!

3D Printing

A few years back, 3D printing was still finding its way in the design industry. However, today everyone knows what this is about. It has become widespread and massively reasonable allowing the interior design drafting service department to build more accurate design models and full-scale representations of the interior spaces.

This technological format is prized in elevating and enhancing the design and modeling process with a physical representation of the digital concept. The amalgamation of 3D printing into the BIM model has allowed the companies to bring the virtual concepts to life.

The CAD drafting services include everything – from creating the floor plan, sections, elevations to the final process of building the 3D interior space where the ‘touching’ finishes are shown. These touching finishes would incorporate furniture, light and other interior objects. The representation of this space allows the interior design drafters and clients to analyze and explore what more could be done with it. Conveying the ‘vision’ is now an uncomplicated and yet a creative task!

Technology has made interior design drafting services a more interesting and less risky field. Even before the first brick is laid, the drafters and designers are able to show the clients what to ‘exactly’ expect. There is a high level of accuracy and precision when these newer processes are used in architectural interior design drafting.

Interior design is now three-dimensional. At BluEntCAD, it is giving more weight to the level of design, producing better results and propelling a drafter’s work to newer heights. Whether you are looking for interior design for commercial spaces or wanting to build a dream home, connect with our designers and drafters at BluEntCAD to bring your dream space to life!

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