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19 Feb 2018

Ways Of Designing A Good Lobby In High-Rise Residential Buildings

The lobby has been an integral part of most of the commercial buildings since we can remember.

However, with innumerous high-rise residential buildings panning out around the globe, the lobby is becoming a crucial element in the residential design documentation. Lobby, in the high-rise residential buildings is seen to be the ‘first’ entrance to everyone’s homes. It is what creates the appeal of what the final and overall structure design will look like. Making the lobby attractive with sparkling interior elements helps in giving the guests, tenants and even prospective buyers/tenants a great first impression. It increases the value of the building in a very significant way. So, if the prospective buyers/tenants do not find the ‘first impression’ to be great, it can impact the sale in a very negative way. There are a lot of elements that go into designing a lobby – it not only acts as a gateway to the inner structure but is a security space to ensure safety for the entire building. It is also an enclosure for mails, packages and letterboxes. So adding these very varied components in a lobby and bringing them together under one roof can be a bit challenging. One must ensure to tap into the right furnishings, colour and segment these spaces in such a form that they can beautifully entwine into a single wonderfully designed lobby.

According to BluEntCAD, when it comes to designing a lobby, the size doesn’t make a difference. It needs to be creatively done to make it attractive and welcoming – giving the best first impression. The experts at BluEntCAD have discussed 3 big pointers to address closely when designing a lobby for high-rise residential buildings. Though there are many more factors to consider, these 3 elements hold a lot of significance to designing a great lobby.

#1 Lobby space needs to reflect and ensure ‘safety’

A lobby can play many roles and in a high-rise residential building, one of the most important roles is that of safety. So the inclusion of the latest technological safety systems can guarantee that the apartment is safe and no intruders will be able to slip in without a thorough check. So what designers need to do is make sure that they look at installing the latest and the perfect deadbolt key system available in the market. They can even look at a different ‘hospitality sector‘ options such as magnetic cards or fob key system.  Video camera to fall back on in case of emergency to buzzer systems for guests – can go a long way in ensuring safety.

#2 Lighting makes a huge difference

Lighting in a lobby is very different from that of other spaces. Lobby needs to be lit up for the maximum number of hours. It needs to make the owners and guests feel safe as and when they enter or leave the space. Thus, using LED lighting both in the lobby and outside the building is important. LED lighting is more affordable and at the same time energy efficient. Safety is key but what is also significant is to ensure that lobby doesn’t fall short of décor and appeal. So using lightings with dimmers can help in addressing the same.

#3 Last but not least, get the colors and furnishings right

It matters what the lobby looks like. Hence, it is very vital to choose the right colors. Making it too vibrant or keeping it too dull can have a severely negative impact on the visual appeal of the lobby space. So the color choices have to belong to a ‘neutral’ sector and must reflect warmth and softness. When it comes to furnishings, space should not look too cluttered so adding more lighter pieces of furniture and décor pieces would make the lobby look attractive and spacious. Designing a lobby is as significant as creating the blueprints of a building and the many apartments in it. It is necessary to use the latest technologies, updated styles and colors to make the space look welcoming to everyone. Unlike apartments, it cannot be customized.

BluEntCAD has a team of professionals who have designed a large number of lobbies for both residential and commercial sectors. Whether you want to design a new lobby or renovate an existing one – connect with us. Let us help you create a fantastic first impression.

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