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Three Things You Should Look For In A Millwork Drafting Partner


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Elegance. Warmth. Character.

These are among the hallmarks of millwork – or, at least, of good millwork. (Not to be confused with casework – you will hear drafters’ frustrated groans from across the world.)

Historically, architectural millwork drafting included interior and exterior finishes for building construction and decorative components. The term “millwork” itself refers to woodwork produced in a mill.

Today, it also incorporates alternatives to wooden products, such as synthetics, wood-adhesive composites, and plastics. (Welcome to the future; CAD drafting is now a common method.)

Millwork cabinetry shop drawings Credit: Thgusstavo Santana, Pexels

The best millwork drafting services will give you hiked resale value, a unique space, and premium pieces with accentuated aesthetics. You can also proudly show off excellent craftsmanship to your guests, if you’re a connoisseur.

Designing millwork shop drawings is a delicate balance of art and science. Your woodworking needs will always vary, but there are some mainstays you should always tick off before you agree to seal a deal with a company.

Three Things You Should Look For in a Millwork Drafting Partner

  • Quality at Controlled Costs

    You know what’s a constant in any project?

    The constraint on the budget.

    Before you extend an unassuming, friendly hand to a drafting company, consider the following questions:

    • What is the size of my project?
    • How complex is it?
    • What type of business model do I want to engage with?

    You will be able to get an idea of the kind of investment you will need for your project.

  • The Turnaround Time

    Is it a deck overlooking the sea you want? Is it a laboratory cabinet to store delicate formulae? Is it custom furniture to liven up your drawing room?

    Whatever it is, make sure that the millwork drafting company delivers at your pace and not their own. Don’t let them take you for a ride!

    Millwork detailing Credit: Ann Marie Ludlow, Pexels

    The typical turnaround time is between 1 to 2 weeks, and the timeline depends on the complexity and size of the project.

    Whether you want to knuckle down and get the job done quickly or take your time pondering, your approach should work for the company.

  • Experience

    You don’t want your millwork drafting partner fumbling over the drawings or the deadlines. Your partner should have the easy skill that can only come with years of experience, so that you get the best possible product.


A parametric library.

Custom AutoCAD submittal drawings.

In-house placement.

BluEntCAD offers you all these things and more.

With over a decade of experience in working with architectural firms, homebuilders, and real estate developers, we have determined the best practices in CAD solutions for commercial and residential construction.

Our teams specialize in commercial, residential, and hospitality shop drawings.

Whether you are an interior designer, a signage manufacturer, a millwork shop, or anything, really, you can get the competitive advantage you need with our CAD drafting services.

Contact us today!

Maximum Value. Achieved.

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