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Millwork Products Available At Stores


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Download Our Millwork Sample

Download Our Millwork Sample

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Millwork Products

The range of millwork products at home renovation stores is not infinite. Most of these products are prefabricated and are different than custom millwork items which have to be manufactured as per individual specifications. 

Although the list of millwork products available include the following, there may be some variation between different home renovation stores. 

Trims and Mouldings: This is by far the most widely available product and is used commonly at homes. Molding for doors and windows can be found in addition to crown molding and baseboards. Floor moldings and trims are also sold in stores and can be ordered online. 

Trims and Mouldings

Wall Paneling: While you may not find wall paneling at all renovation stores, this is certainly a useful product. It comes in different kinds of wood, including pine, oak, and white cedar. This kind of decorative paneling is also available in other materials besides wood. 

Stair treads and risers: Most products in this category are available in Oak. Metal riser for patios and decks is also available along with wooden products. 


Handrails: come in various styles and designs made up of pine and oak. Hardware for handrails such as rail support is also sold in stores.  

Posts and Columns: Columns typically come in rectangular and circular shapes. Caps and bases are usually added using fiberglass. 

Posts and Columns

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Corbels and Ornamental Mouldings are made up of embossed floral, circular and square designs and can add aesthetics to home spaces. Many of these are made up of hardwood. 

Surprisingly there are good options when it comes to tabletops and countertops. You could walk in the store and pick one of these for the kitchen island. This makes renovation easier and clean, especially if you are looking to give your kitchen a new wooden look. The counters are pre-cut to standard sizes and just need finishing. Circular side table tops are also available in pine for a reasonable cost of less than $25 if you like to do things yourself.  

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While many pre-fabricated millwork products can be purchased easily, custom millwork items are a different story. Millwork shops manufacture custom millwork for commercial and residential spaces. These include cabinetry, reception desks, bars, and even wall paneling.

The advantage with custom millwork items is that you can select a combination of finishes as per your liking. They are also a good fit with irregular and circular spaces. If you want your home or retail space to stand out with an out of the box design, this is easier to achieve with custom elements.  There is however a lead time to manufacture custom items and should be included in your project schedule.

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