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25 Nov 2016

Prerequisites of Millwork Shop Drawings: Give Construction Business An Enormous Boost

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In any complex construction project, millwork is an extremely significant component for any kind of interior work. Millwork shop drawings for construction businesses play a huge role in the overall success of any project. They are a set of highly detailed drawings that are prepared much in advance for different types of woodwork or devices. This includes the kitchen cabinets, doors, shelves, in-built cabinets and many more. The drawings for these items provide an insight into how specific components are created, erected and installed.

The millwork shop drawings for the woodworks are like guidelines that ensure uniformity in the dimensions of the elements and the ability to correct futuristic issues, even before the actual installation and construction start. The designers and drafters produce the millwork shop drawings that are in alignment with client needs. Architects and engineers often develop the blueprints but do not prepare traditional shop drawings. These blueprints at times influence the mechanical and technical drawings. These drawings are for the contractors and manufacturers who are presented with all the details that allow them to safely and efficiently carry out the construction work. This also helps in preventing any damage to the site or people.

Some shop drawings are mass-produced however they are custom designed as per the client’s expectation. The primary tool usually used for millwork finishers are AutoCAD, with the aid of similar software like AutoCAD, Revit and BIM software. When AutoCAD, Revit or a similar tool is used, it gives any construction project a striking, brilliant quality, but only if the millwork drafter is very detail-oriented. For example, when designing a corridor for the entrance, custom millwork drawings can give the clients a vivid, detailed and graphic outline of how the trimmings and the moldings on the wall would appear like. When the drafter gives importance to intricate details he will ensure to include complex designs and motifs on these trimmings rather than just leaving it plain. These millwork shop drawings can help in creating 3D drawings with realistic renderings and illustration images.

However, not every project requires these drawings. Detailed and fabricated drawings are prepared for construction projects that have a lot of challenges and involve a lot of risk and liabilities in the construction process. The designer needs to be aware of these liabilities and risks and only post approval of the shop drawings should it be utilized for construction.

The designers need to address a few concerns before working on the shop drawings. They first need to identify the devices and objects that require shop drawings. This will allow them to understand the scope of these drawings in the construction project. Once identified the drafters create these shop drawings in time and with accuracy. The contractors then need to approve it before the construction begins.

Customized millwork design for components such as railings, moldings, base, caps and other trimming has to be excruciatingly detailed. The clients always want to keep a tab on the amount of attention that is being paid to details. This high-quality finish is what gives any company a competitive edge.

Millwork shop drawings requires a very detailed analysis of all the areas. If done accurately and efficiently, it can help you in exceeding the expectations of your clients, which in turn will help you to gain their trust and respect.

Do you have an upcoming project that needs millwork shop drawings to be prepared? We have been working with home builders, architectural firms, and real estate developers for over 14 years. Our proficiency in millwork details for doors, windows, kitchens and interior cabinetry is – humbly speaking – second to none. Try out our Millwork Shop Drawing Services – and rest assured, you are in safe hands.



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