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Modern Achievements of Architectural Rendering Software

3D Rendering


From the golden era of Egyptians and Greeks who created humongous wonders of architecture with the age-old technology, we are now living in fast pace modern achievements of computer-aided drafting for the architectural designs.


One common reason for the success of technology in the current time is the adaptability and hunger for ‘change’. Change isn’t always bad, in fact, it motivates us to compete with our own innovations. Technology covers everything including the architectural world.

Architecture has gone through an enormous transformation due to advancements in the technology. One of the biggest achievement of all time is the introduction of architectural rendering software. Rendering software have seen a lot of struggle in getting the acceptance from the industry. Traditional architects would always oppose the new-age methods. Many architectural projects even today still prioritize 2D drawings or blueprint designs over architectural 3D design. Never mind, it is believed that critics add a lot to every success story by constantly challenging the innovations and similarly, this motivates rendering software to enhance further towards perfection. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about 3D RenderingE-mail:
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Beyond doubt, the architectural rendering software are the present and the future of the architectural designs. As it seamlessly creates a concoction of the inspiring old architectural craftsmanship with the modern world technology and helps the construction planning and strategizing more efficiently and effectively.

The riddle starts when you need to decide which software to choose for your project. A variety of rendering software are available in the market and it is difficult to keep up with all.

You definitely want to pick the one which stands out and functionally capable to match up to your technical expectations. You also want a software which would make your life easy as no one would prefer using a software which came out of a ‘Matrix Movie’. So, the whole agenda of using a technology is to make things easier for us (architects and designers), right? BluEntCAD team has shortlisted a couple of rendering software as per our experience.

Here are the Modern Architectural Rendering Software:

  • Revit

    Revit defines the life cycle of the building via planning and tracking various stages of the construction process and later maintenance or demolition stage. It is 4D BIM capable which has powerful tools to conceptualize the theory and practical construction process. In simple words, the Autodesk Revit is specifically designed to cater Building Information Modeling (BIM).

    Autodesk Revit integrates intelligent data into the 3-dimensional model and process the architectural design of the building as real as possible. It is the best software to imitate the real design in front of you. It helps you to illustrate your early design concepts accurately.

    Revit has very extensive benefits as the data gathered for the 3D model can also be utilized in other areas like construction documentation, facility management, planning, and marketing strategies.

  • SketchUp

    SketchUp is a 3D modeling software for a wide range of designing namely, architectural design, interior design, landscape architecture and much more. SketchUp might not be as functional as Autodesk Revit but it is quite a user-friendly software.

    When using SketchUp, no need to worry about drawing lines and creating shapes for ages as it allows you to do it in minutes. If you know the basic computer skills, you can use this software like a breeze. This software is also helpful in providing a comprehensive 3D warehouse filled with 3D models of things like chairs, windows, plants, trees, and even animal structures.

    SketchUp is also known as the world’s largest warehouse of 3D models. In fact, it allows you to save and share your own created 3D models for others to see. It is quite reliable, quick and interactive. With the help of the feature called SketchUp Pro, you can convert your 3D model into a document or a drawing.

    There are many features which makes it unique and easy to use. Beginners and architectural pros use it with the similar ease.

  • Maya

    Maya can successfully be defined by animation. It is being used to create interactive 3-dimensional applications like animated movies, visual effects, video games etc. I can easily explain it by showing off its achievements, for instance, it has received many Academy Award for Technical Achievement over the decade.

    Maya is a perfect tool for architectural rendering. Autodesk Maya is the node graph architecture where the elements in the scene are node based and have its independent quality and customization. It has a selective CG pipeline core which can confidently give you a strength to handle any 3D modeling and rendering in the world.

    It is highly recommended by many including the people who took the decision to award this extraordinary software. It is one of the best software for 3D architectural walkthroughs and 3D renderings.

  • 3D Studio Max

    3D Max is a computer graphic program which can simultaneously operate with other software such as Photoshop, After Effects etc and provide high-quality 3D renders. Due to its versatile and sturdy features, it is mostly preferred for developing video games, film, and television.

    3D Max is somewhat similar to AutoCAD as both products are developed by an Autodesk. Autodesk 3D Max majorly takes care of 3D rendering and animation.

    3D Max has many features which were requested by the users such as Dual Quarternion skinning, A 360 Rendering Support, Enhanced ShaderFX etc. They were custom-made to create a wholesome product for the architectural designing and rendering processes.

We have discussed most of the modern achievements in the architectural rendering software. You must be thinking that there is a lot more which we haven’t even mentioned here. But that’s because the growth of architectural technology is happening at such a speedy pace that it becomes quite challenging to keep a track every single software.

Hence, BluEntCAD has served you a piece of small research to simplify your hunt in the overwhelming process of deciding the architectural rendering software. If you have more questions, you may get in touch with us to discuss further.

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