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Still Renders, VR or 360 – When Do You Need What; To Sell Your Homes?

3D Rendering

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Still-Renders,-VR-or-360 - When do-you-need-what;-to-sell-your-homes

Virtual Reality was a kind of fantasy for people until recently.

But, with the technological developments, visualizing realistic images in architecture has become a boon. This has made still renders a second option for home seekers. Though still renders give a photo-realistic view of a house and make it easy both for home buyers and sellers to get a better deal.

Benefit of virtual reality in rendering

The benefit of virtual reality in rendering is impressive. Especially when you want to sell your house, then highlighting the beauty of your home will surely give you a good value. 3D rendering has solved many problems by accurately illustrating how a building will actually look like. The photo-realistic quality of 3D home renderings makes it easy for a home seller to tempt the buyer with actual realistic visualization of the house.

However, technology does not come flawless. There is notable difference between highlighting the 3D home renders and actually getting the sale done. The home renderings may help you to connect with your client but considering the minute details and highlighting them is important.

3D renders may help you show the beauty of your building but in order to sell it, it is not enough. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about 3D RenderingE-mail:
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The buyers may need more specifications of the property. This is where virtual reality in architecture comes into play. Just pulling the camera and focusing it on the property to be sold is not enough these days. Clients need to experience the feel of a place before they put in their hard earned money. Still renders give the first impression, then you may offer Photoshop 3D render of your property.

5 advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality


  • Customizable designs: Virtual reality has penetrated well into architecture. Highly customizable designs can be developed with the help of VR. It makes it very easy to modify the look, change any finishing,
  • Experiment with colours and interiors: With virtual reality you can do a lot of experimentation with colours. You can also place the furniture at different places in a room to see which one looks perfect.
  • It sells better: The virtual reality building: Prototype surely attracts customers greatly. Homes look attractive and clients get tempted easily.
  • Its time saving: Using virtual reality in home renders is a great boon. It actually saves a lot of time which is otherwise spent in fixing visits of property buyers to see your property.
  • Realistic views: The technology of virtual reality allows architects to experience real-world subjects and analyze how they communicate with their environment.


  • Requires experience: The use of architectural visualization Photoshop requires expertise. It cannot be done by everyone who-who are not professionals.
  • Sometimes it is pricey: Photoshop architectural rendering can be bit expensive sometimes. You need to spend some amount on the hardware and deployment of the hardware of VR.
  • Risk of losing clients: If you do know the ins and outs of VR, then you may face risk of losing clients. To know what does render mean, you must know about 3D imaging and photorealistic images.
  • Cost of implementation: Using virtual reality to showcase your property to clients is worth the expense. But, the cost of implementation of VR in home renderings is not less. Architectural rendering specialists utilize VR in presenting their designs in an appealing and enticing way but it costs enough.
  • Competitive edge: To stay at the competitive edge and attract clients, you need to hire VR experts. Only they can give the best angle of projection t your home.

The actual difference between VR and 3D images is notable. You may pick the one that will suit your budget and expertise.

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