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09 Nov 2016

How Technology is Overhauling the Architecture Industry

“Technology Overhauling The Architecture Industry: Turning unobtainable futuristic views and ideas into reality”

Technology has been changing many aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally. In architecture, technology has profoundly impacted and influenced the home industry and is changing the future of construction and home designs. It has succeeded in transforming the nature of one of the biggest and the oldest industry in the world. Though technological innovations as a concept is not something new. Since decades documentaries and films have been portraying some visionary technology devices that have we have often wanted to own such as fingerprint scanners to unlock our front door or a fridge that lists the contents on the outside and reminds us when we are low on milk.

Incorporating technology in design and construction has become increasingly important. Architectural organizations have now been integrating innovative ideas and concepts into sustainable building model. New technology not only makes the building more efficient but also increases the efficiency of those living in that building. These innovations introduced in the home and interior design has been influencing our lifestyle habits. It has led to new styles and new ways of thinking.

Technology in construction:

Today we all are witnesses to the way technology has influenced architecture, so much so that the idea of an architectural project is not the same as it was even 20 years ago. We are now in the Digital Age where the designers and the architects have discovered a brand new way to represent, express, generate and construct buildings through digital information.

The digital information and technologies use procedures and techniques identical to those employed in the industry. Digital technology enables complex calculations in architectural design. By using computer algorithms a range of complex subjects can be developed much more easily.

In construction, technology has given the contractors, designers, and architects an improved and powerful platform to communicate with the clients. It allows design concepts to be easily shared with the client using 3D renderings which show the real image of how exactly the place will look and function. Furniture models and finishes are easily visualized. Hence digital technology allows a direct relation between what can be designed and what can be created.

The use of technologies enables the designers and drafters to move productively through design iterations quite early in the process. It allows all the team members involved in the particular project to be on the same page. Both the clients and the team are actively engaged in the design process, which proves to be beneficial to everyone in the end.

Technology in home design:

The newest technological devices being installed in homes are not only simplifying tasks but also making better use of resources. It is transforming the way people live. The technology makes the homeowners more informed and allows them to be in control of the elements that are surrounding them such as security and temperature.

In the case of security and temperature, the residents are able to keep a track of their surroundings and the environment. Innovative devices such as special smart thermostats and controls are able to learn and adapt to the homeowner’s habits. If the residents increase or decrease the temperature around their homes or in certain rooms at specific times of the day, these devices learn and are able to adjust accordingly. Using smart technology is beneficial in many ways; it also offers the ability to save us money.

Lighting in smart technology is also helping people to cut down on energy use. The smart lights switch on and off automatically based on the movement in a specific environment. Some smartphones or tablets allow the residents to adjust the lighting systems, such as dimming the lights or increasing the color. The kitchen is laden with new and better appliances that allow us to clean and cook more efficiently.

Those who are conscious about security now have the opportunity to keep a tab on their homes and belongings no matter where they are. Through home-based security solutions, homeowners can log in from their laptops or phones to view a live stream of their homes.

Technological progress has always impacted the architecture of every period. Technology holds architecture in its grip. Thus every contractor, drafter, designer or architect has to remain professionally updated and abreast of all technical developments in the matter of design, construction, and materials.

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