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04 Dec 2019

What is the Role of GFC Drawings in the Construction Industry?

This blog has been updated on – June 28, 2021

GFC drawings are one of the most important parts of the construction documentation process. They form a crucial aspect of your construction management plan, even for renovation projects.

However, what are these construction drawings and why are they necessary?

What are Good for Construction Drawings?

GFC drawings (good for construction drawings) are construction drawings and specifications for a designated project. They are approved by local governing bodies and by clients.

Hence, they can be considered a visual map used during the various stages of construction, and incorporate detailed technical and architectural drawings of a structure.

GFC drawings include details such as structural drawings, electrical drawings, staircase drawings, mechanical drawings, plumbing drawings, and other architectural construction documents.

These drawings are not to be confused with IFC (issued for construction) and AFC (approved for construction) drawings.

IFC drawings are issued for review by clients or their representatives to the contractor. They outline finer details about design components than do construction documents.

AFC drawings are drawings or documents that have been approved by both external and internal authorities, including the client or client representative. Construction can be carried out using marked or stamped AFC drawings.

Role of GFC drawings in construction

Not a single brick is laid before the GFC drawings are filed.

Good for construction drawings define every minute detail for each step in construction. This ensures that construction is executed precisely.

Since it is approved by every stakeholder involved in the construction project, it minimizes risks and helps in avoiding disputes during the building process.

You can develop the drawings in-house if you have the capacity or reach out to local drafting services.

Benefits of GFC Drawings in Construction

  • Managing challenges with ease

    Bringing a building to life is a monumental task. GFC drawings give a detailed arrangement of the entire structure.

    Hence, this enables the construction team to more easily and efficiently manage construction challenges.

  • A methodical and logical quotation process

    Good for construction drawings are a final plan created after numerous modifications and changes.

    These construction drawings allow the team to quote fairly – not over-priced or under-priced. Furthermore, they empower the clients to see the bigger picture of the design, so they know where their money is being invested.

  • The making of a well-connected team

    GFC drawings ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page. They are shared amongst and accessible to every stakeholder.

    Therefore, the team can work with a standard set of construction drawings, enabling them to stay connected and informed at every stage of the process.

  • Accuracy

    There is exhaustive accuracy in dimensions and measurements when it comes to good for construction drawings. They show detailed information on the different stages and steps in construction.

  • Time is money

    GFC drawings allow builders and contractors to work in a more methodical and systematic way. It reduces errors and modifications, which increase the time of the project. Hence, it also reduces the cost.


Today, GFC drawings are shared with everyone, including workers, digitally. Companies even use apps created for this purpose.

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