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02 Jul 2018

Construction Documentation: Every Builder Needs To Have

We know that construction documents are very essential part of every building project. What does the construction document checklist include? Where and how do you get all these documents?

It is essential to have a complete set of construction documents, before you start working on a building project. Construction documents are more than just construction drawings and CD Sets. It comprises of numerous documents. Each document pertains to a particular aspect of the construction project.

Construction documentation is a set of documents that every builder needs to get. It is risky to start building unless you have all the paperwork in order. But this is easier said than done. There is a long construction document checklist, and you have no idea where to even get half of them.

Ensure you have all the documents on the checklist before you start building –

What are construction documents?

You are probably wondering what is construction documentation? You are not the only one. Many contractors, builders and architects are so focused on the building plans and the construction drawings, that they don’t even realize that there is more to the construction documentation.

But, you do have a point. The drawings and building plans are the most important documents for your construction project. The other documents are just formalities that you need to fulfill before you start building.

Where to get construction documents?

Getting the paperwork together for a construction project is more than any contractor can be expected to handle. For this job you need the professional help of a construction documentation specialist. You can contact a company which specializes in construction documents and services to help out with getting the permits and approvals.

Too many construction documents? –

If you are not familiar with the process of getting these documents, you could end up wasting a lot of time. A professional company can assist with the complex construction documentation process.

There are many approvals and clearances that have to be obtained before a construction project can begin. A professional documentation company is well versed with the procedures and can save you a lot of hassle.

Construction drawings

An integral part of the construction documents are the construction drawings and specification. The architect, engineer and contractor focus more on the building plan and shop drawings. And that is fine. Ultimately, this is what the construction is all about.

BluEnt provides a complete set of construction drawings and related documents. All the documents needed for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. These documents include detailed drawings, section elevations and floor plans. The documents also include specification regarding the quality of the material required for the building.

As a contractor knowing the type and quality of material in advance is important. It averts the last minute dilemma of having to decide what quality or brand to purchase.

It makes your job so much easier when you have detailed construction documentation. Isn’t it?

You can order the material based on the material schedules specified in the construction documentation provided by BluEnt. When you are able to order the required material in time, it prevents construction delays.

Why do you need construction documentation?

Once you have the design and construction documentation in hand, you are set to start building. Getting to this stage is a little complicated. Without the services of a professional construction documentation company you could fall short. The last thing you want is to end up in litigation.

The two greatest challenges that most construction projects fear are:

  • Delays

  • Litigation

A full and comprehensive set of construction documentation can help in resolving legal conflicts quickly. It may be a cumbersome task to obtain all the needed documents. The clearances and the legal permits as well as the other documents such as land ownership papers etc. But now you can see how helpful that extra bit of effort will be in the long run.

Construction project delays are due to many reasons. One of the most common causes is the unavailability of the required construction materials.  The material schedules and specifications provided by BluEnt are very helpful. It serves as a helpful reminder when to order the needed materials.  When the materials are ordered in time they are available when required. The final outcome is that there is no delay due to unavailable resources.

Different types of construction documentation

What kind construction documents can you expect from BluEnt? Every building project has two parts to it – the exteriors and the interiors. As we all know they are very different from each other.

An example of high precision, detailed drawings

BluEnt provides you with a full set of the sequential construction drawing. A step by step set of drawings compiled into CD Sets. These include construction drawings and details for exteriors and construction drawings and details for interiors. It covers the different sections and elevation. The drawings are prepared in great detail, not leaving anything to imagination.

The construction drawings are easily understood by the architect, engineer and contractor. It enables all of them to communicate on a common platform. It is popularly stated that the drawings is the common language for the different stakeholders in a construction project.


It is not easy for a contractor to get a building project underway. The construction documentation presents a big hurdle, if you haven’t got a professional company to handle it.

If you are in a dilemma, just contact us at BluEnt, and we will put your mind at ease.

BluEnt will provide you with a complete set of construction drawings. These drawings are prepared by our team of architects and technical experts. Each drawing is prepared with great precision and checked for errors before it is submitted.

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