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21 Oct 2020

Key Elements of Working Drawings for a Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen is what keeps the customers coming back to a restaurant. Here’s what you need to do to make it work for your business – and it all comes down to the working drawings. 

It’s the most fundamental and vigorously functional part of every kind of eatery or diner. The kitchen is where the food is stocked, prepared, cooked and plated. It also serves as storage for utensils, cutlery and cooking equipment.  Organization is key to running these elements in the kitchen seamlessly.

When creating a working drawing for a commercial kitchen, a lot of space needs to be outlined to accommodate these elements. Space is also needed for the staff to zip in and out. The quality of the layout or design cannot be compromised.

There are a lot of components to consider when creating the working drawings of a kitchen layout. The construction drawing of an eatery includes kitchen installations, like those for water supply and drainage, electrical wiring, gas supply and others. If the digital blueprints for these are not accurate, making any changes post-construction will be complex, expensive and time consuming.

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During the drawing and design process of a commercial kitchen layout, these are a few essentials that you need to take into account.

Finalize the menu

You need to know what cuisine your restaurant is going to be preparing, and so the food items you need to store. Accordingly, when drawing the layout, you need to keep appropriate space for the storage and equipment facility.

Food planning indeed forms the crux of a kitchen layout. You need to keep the required space for ovens, cold storage and prep stations. It helps you to define the kind of equipment needed and where to place it. Furthermore, if your menu is a flexible one, then even the kitchen needs to be so. Integrating a modular kitchen in the construction drawings can be helpful.

De-cluttering process

There is so much that goes into a kitchen design that it can easily become chaotic and messy. This cluttered space will even show up in working drawings. So it is critical to plan the design in a way that you can leave enough space to breathe and walk around. Dive into what equipment can be used for multiple purposes and what elements can be done away with.

Leave room for maintenance

We have had multiple renovation projects where we have had to redesign the kitchen to allot space for maintenance. It is just as vital as keeping space for food preparation. If, for instance, a cold storage or oven breaks down, room is required for people to fix it.

Food Hygiene

You can drastically lose out on potential and loyal customers if food hygiene is not maintained as per codes and norms. To ensure this, the working drawings of a kitchen layout need to incorporate a good number of wash stations.

You need to understand how big your restaurant is and how many customers you expect on your busiest days. If you even roughly calculate the quantity of cutlery, glasses, utensils, dishes and trays that will accumulate, you will be able to define the sizes of racks, stations, drain boards and landing tables.

Adhere to the health codes

When creating working drawings for a commercial kitchen, considering health codes is critical. They differ from country to country, and even state to state. They should be strictly followed when designing the kitchen layout. They incorporate employee codes, fire codes, etc.

They also outline the distance between, the food prep station and wash station, the design and placement of food storage areas, the incorporation of vents and grease traps, the temperature and size of hot water tanks, etc.

Whether your restaurant space is big or small, the planning needs to done immaculately to accommodate all the core elements. For this, certain things like equipment on wheels or workstations for multiple tasks can be used.

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