3D rendering reshaping the architecture industry and procuring countless benefits

Houston; Texas, January 9, 2017 : Technological advancements have transformed and reshaped almost every aspect of the architecture industry today. 3D rendering is one such technological asset, which is being used extensively by the construction firms today allowing them to procure innumerable benefits.

The use of 3D rendering is universal. It is also being used in other creative sectors and industries such as movies, animation, gaming, software and manufacturing. BluEntCAD consider 3D rendering to not only be a useful but also an essential instrument for driving success and maintaining a great relationship with the clients.

3D rendering is a process that helps in creating realistic images by processing visual details such as color, texture, shape and lighting stored in the data structure. Sajeel Khanna, SVP, comments, “3D Rendering allows our employees and the clients to examine and understand the fine detailing of any structure in the real world. The significance of 3D rendering in our organization has mushroomed in the last few years. It is used as a vital tool for our designers, engineers and architects to pre-visualize the structure, use it for promotional activities and décor visuals.”

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, adds, “Our experts use graphics realistic images and computer animation to create the structure model. They use this 3D rendering process to create both the exterior and the interior objects. By using a 360 degree panorama display our clients can visualize the structure’s interior and exterior plan simultaneously.”

With the help of 3D rendering, many construction organizations are able to identify issues in the design at a very early stage. It allows both the organizations and the clients to stay on the same page and avoid unnecessary blunders in the long run. Sajeel comments, “Through this pre-visualization process, our company has been able to save a lot of money that would have otherwise been invested to resolve unforeseeable issues. It has also allowed us to create a good and healthy relationship with our clients. By providing great quality and a stunning view of any project, it helps us to effectively reach out to our potential customers.

Sajeel remarks, “Using the newest technology has helped us to secure a competitive ground and make our projects more distinctive. It is safe to say that we are experts in offering the most innovative renders.”

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Headquartered in Texas, U.S., BluEnt is a 15 year old company specialized in providing resources for CAD services, Revit drafting, 3D Rendering and Building Information Modeling for all types of architectural, structural and MEP projects across the world.

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