BluEnt’s GreenArch Endeavor Receives Support from the Global Fraternity of Architects and Partners

Lewes, October 25, 2010 : Building and construction industry have a sizable impact on the environment. In the United States alone, buildings account for 40-49% energy consumption, 25% water consumption, 70% of total domestic energy consumption and 38% of total carbon dioxide release. With building construction and real estate development on the rise, architects, designers and builders are forced to take on a more sensitive design approach giving due consideration to the environment.

Understanding these adverse effects of buildings on the environment and the need for a sustainable design and construction process, stirred the need within BluEnt’s architectural team to make green architecture techniques and technology more pervasive. So much so that even small and medium architecture firms would be able to perform at par with large architecture firms. Revolutionizing green architecture compliance to the stage that even the lowest rung architecture firms can adopt these techniques in their architectural design process thus became the sole purpose of bringing innovation to our offshore offerings.

“Creating green architecture that can be accessed by any and all architectural firms around the world, regardless of their size, was meant to achieve two things,” says Sajeel Khanna, Director-Outsourcing, BluEnt. “We were looking at improving the position of smaller architectural firms and bring them at par with regards to expertise and infrastructure involvement. The changing trends require, at the same time, that green architecture be made a more universal component in architectural design”.

To cement its ‘green’ initiative BluEnt, promotes Architectural Evangelist (AE), a quarterly e-Zine that tracks the new currents flowing through the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Architectural Evangelist is dedicated to assist architects, interior designers, builders, and students in disseminating knowledge relating to the architecture domain.

The team de force behind Architectural Evangelist is a resource-rich association of architects, designers, researchers, management consultants, content editors and feature writers dedicated to exploring the best architectural practices around the world. The benevolent creative sponsors and the management at BluEnt, has been the anchor of support to the AE team. BluEnt has a global service base, with clients from the US, UK, Australia, NZ, Middle East, and elsewhere. BluEnt supports and deals in buildings that use and recycle natural resources efficiently, thus contributing towards a sustainable world.

For this purpose, BluEnt facilitates residential home builders and developers in building affordable and sustainable homes. This affordability factor is engineered into building projects through innovative design, drawing and drafting process. BluEnt also works with 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) authoring tool like Revit to design and produce customized construction documents for the residential construction industry. Its 3D rendering services, based on 3Ds Max, have helped numerous builder firms in selling and marketing their real estate projects. BluEnt works in ‘Green Building’ design and concepts that are cost-effective and tailored for universal adoption.

BluEnt’s CAD BIM workshare and knowledge sharing models has created a sea change in the world of green architecture. With this purpose in mind, BluEnt sought to create collaborative workshare and expertise transfer models for offering solutions to architectural firms for effective incorporation of green architecture knowledge and techniques within their organization. These models are so designed that they do not require hiring of additional experts or addition to existing infrastructure and technology within the organization.

BluEnt’s GreenArch endeavor has so far proved to be a tremendous success not only for BluEnt but also for the architectural firms that partner with BluEnt for the same and for the cause of sustainable architecture worldwide.

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BluEntCAD is a global leader in providing innovative and cost-effective BIM solutions to top residential builders and developers, AECO and related industries in USA, New Zealand, UK, Australia and other countries. Most of our clients come to us through referral from our existing customers, and many from different industry sectors. This is a testimony to the quality of our services and the importance we place on creating a beneficial working relationship with them. We are also proud to number amongst our clients some of the world’s largest home builders and residential developers and provided them with building solutions and construction documents.

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