BluEntCAD builds capability for its CAD drawing and drafting services

Sydney, Australia, December 03, 2015 : The role of 2D CAD drafters in facilitating clear communication between architects, engineers, surveyors, and workers while preparing and presenting their drawings is important. Coordinating data and using this information across various drawings, schematics, and maps plays a crucial role in the design of any building.

Architectural CAD drafters are responsible for key aspects of any construction project. From the collection of construction site reports to making calculations of weight, volume, and stress of the materials to be used, they are involved in every step of the process. Since CAD drawings include information from topographical surveys and geophysical reports, it is imperative on their part to minimize errors in the calculations for excavation and earth-moving operations. Last but not the least, a strong understanding of mechanical parts and systems is expected of all mechanical CAD drafters. How else can they create component specifications, schematics, etc. in operation manuals?

At BluEntCAD, we understand that CAD drawing and drafting services require drafters with a variety of specializations and in-depth knowledge of the respective fields. Which is why, we have been training our team of drafters to prepare structural designs under the direction of an architect as well as support civil engineers and contractors with technical drawings of bridges, highways, and piping systems. Our drafters also have skills in electrical and mechanical drafting to create designs for machinery and mechanical devices.

We understand the design development process. Which is why, we have developed a studio model that allows 160 hours of access to our pool of resources at an affordable monthly rate of $1799. This studio model allows the additional choice of drafting hours based on the software requirements, field of expertise etc. This team has been trained according to internationally accepted standards of the market. As the design development support team for market champions such as Beazer Homes and Pulte Group, BluEntCAD is known for accuracy and professionalism.

The BluEntCAD team has the capability and competence to deliver quality construction documents and architectural drawing drafting services within timelines and budgets. BluEntCAD also offers BIM support services, architectural outsourcing, construction documentation and CAD drafting services to architects and homebuilders globally.

If you are looking for a reliable and resourceful outsourcing partner for support in Revit architecture, please contact us!

Tim Johnson
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEntCAD | 832-476-8459

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