BluEntCAD’s take on why are colors vital in Architectural CAD

Colors are quintessential elements to make your building design a great success. At BluEntCAD, we believe that colors transform the way clients perceive a project’ thereby making them pivotal.

Houston, USA – Monday, October 16, 2017 : BluEntCAD’s designers make it their constant endeavor to ensure that clients can visualize their dream projects in the most realistic fashion possible. For us, architectural CAD drawings are not of mere stone, brick, steel and concrete structures. They also carry an air of individuality of owner. This is why it is essential to choose all respective elements of a building with great care.

A very important aspect of a building’s appeal is in the colors chosen. The right colors transform quality and mood of a space and thus, they are quite significant in making a building appear friendly, warm and aesthetic.

Are colors truly important?

Going by the definition, color equip eyes with the visual acumen for identifying various elements in a surrounding. In absence of colors, we would only be able to see things in black and white. This monochrome uniformity would make life monotonous.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEntCAD observes, “As individuals capable of thinking, we are drawn to things which are aesthetically appealing. A child always picks up the most vibrant colored toy. Colors have more to do with the capability of the human mind to embrace what it feels is conducive to its own self than anything scientific. The same principle applies to designs as well. You would pay more heed to a colorful building visual, rather than a gray scale image. Our designers and expert renderers know this, which is why, they take due diligence in choosing the right colors when finalizing building exteriors for our CAD design and drafting services.”

Here’s how BluEntCAD feels colors affect the success of a building project:

Colors showcase the personality of the owner

Architectural CAD drawings virtually reflect a project as it would appear in real life. This means that the buildings reflect owner’s personal style. This is only achievable when the right colors are selected. While bright and flashy colors reflect an outgoing and vibrant personality, light and neutral colors suggest of an individual being introverted and sombre.

Colors also set the tone for the kind of work the project will undertake. Warm, homely colors are usually found in residential buildings, while commercial workspaces usually feature uniform colors throughout.

It is important to understand the preferences of clients and nature of projects before colors are finalized.

Colors bring positivity

When selected rightly, colors are capable of creating visual illusions to satisfy design needs. For instance, light colors liven up a space. Pastel and light colors make spaces appear bigger. On the contrary, darker colors make big façades appear smaller than they actually are.

Colors are capable of uplifting moods

Why do hospitals give a dull, dreary vibe? Why do you feel instantly jazzed up inside a club? Colors can build or upset your mood. More than the atmosphere, colors used in a building can make one feel buoyant, happy, sad or depressed.

This prevails when designing building drawings as well. Full use of color pallet will make a building aesthetically appealing. If your building has splashes of sunny hues, you will feel joy and gaiety at once.

Try it yourself! Hold a black and white build image and a colored building image. You will observe noticeable changes in both drawings immediately.

At BluEntCAD, we ensure that our architectural CAD drafting services utilize colors in design development. Our endeavor is to provide architectural CAD services of utmost quality at quick turnaround times. We also offer color and design consultation. Get in touch today to know more.

Tim Johnson
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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