Construction Project Disputes: BluEntCAD Shares Points to Note Before Your Next Project

Houston, USA – Monday, September 18, 2017 : Construction projects are quite expensive and stressful as it involves hordes of people, various activities, different firms associated with the project, and massive pieces of equipment.

It becomes a challenge for all the stakeholders to deliver the project under the set timeline and the approved budget. Larger the construction project is, higher the chances of complications.

When a project involves expensive pieces of equipment and a varied number of manpower, the delay of any kind increases the chances of cost rise which leads to a dispute.

Construction disputes always occur in the construction industry and sometimes, it can have the serious influence on the health of the project.

The stakeholders may be subjected to money and time cap, the investors may suffer a remarkable amount of loss and worst of all, the project may be failed.

BluEntCAD has been serving in the AEC industry worldwide for more than 2 decades and has gained global experience on different cultures and geographies. Before addressing the issue, let’s understand the most commonly found causes in construction projects:

  • Lack of understanding or following the contractual obligations of the stakeholder (leads to unnecessary delays)

  • Lack in managing the contract

  • Error in the construction documents

  • Lack in sharing important updates with the contractors, builders, and suppliers

Notify the important points in the projects:

  • Delays in completing the construction project can have a remarkable impact on the financial health of the project. Delays are categorized further into excusable and inexcusable delays. Excusable delays could be due to unusual weather or other logical concerns which lead to the extension of the project. The contractor is excused from liabilities resulting from the decisions of the investors (or owner), architects or any other vendor working directly with the investors and weather. Inexcusable delays are the delays caused by the contractor or the sub-contractor. These delays could be compensable in the form of money or time. Mostly, in construction code, a contractor would be liable for all foreseeable budget changes in the project (even due to the decision of the investor).

  • Investors should invest in forming or buying a common platform or tool for sharing and managing important documents and information among various seniors to run the project smoothly and steadily.

  • Fluctuation in the requirement as per the contract either by the acceleration or delay in the project completion. The contractor has to follow the demand of the owner or investor in spite of the timeline mentioned in the contract. This brings additional cost directly to either the contractor or the owner.

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