Employing Construction Documentation to resolve construction project disputes

Houston; Texas, May 8, 2017 : Every construction project incorporates expensive equipment, enormous overhead, and considerable manpower with huge payrolls for both the owners and the contractors.

During a lifecycle of any construction project, there are conflicts and disputes that arise between every construction company and their clients.

However, with proper administration of contracts, which means that every communication and settlements is kept in writing, these disputes are either avoided or resolved in a more systematic manner.

Project documents or paperwork is kept by BluEntCAD on a contemporaneous basis. It consists a painfully detailed information of what was actually happening at any given time during the course of the project.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, remarks, “We have had quite a few disputes arising in hundreds of construction projects however the key to carrying out a successful construction project is seamless communication between all the team members and contractors and a regular monitoring and updating of the schedules. With a new wave of digitization in the construction sector, the communication process has become uncomplicated and simple. We have been using smartphones and apps to communicate with our employees which allows our entire team to stay up to date, work and co-ordinate more effectively”

BIM, AutoCAD and Revit and the three revolutionary inventions in the field of architecture that has completely revamped the way construction processes run.

These inventions are now replacing the conventional and historic ways of building, designing and operating facilities. It has the capacity to facilitate the most cost-effective ways of producing constructive problem solving, efficacious communication and a swifter construction process.

By using data-driven software and applications BluEntCAD is being able to streamline and collaborate work processes throughout the lifecycle of every project.

Sajeel adds, “We have been integrating digitization which includes BIM and Revit in our business processes. It has helped in improving productivity and resolving problems. It also aids in streamlining processes, allowing my team to focus more on communication that automatically make projects quicker and successful. For example, handling logistics is a tremendous task for humans to perform. However, a computer can do it more effectively and in a shorter span of time.”

According to Sajeel, the key to avoiding disputes at any cost is creating a great relationship with our clients by not ‘meeting’ but exceeding their expectations.

This task is now easier with BIM and CAD. In case of drawings, with a paradigm shift from manual drafting to computer aided drafting the designers are able to deliver futuristic and unique designs to all their clients by producing innovative contemporary designs and spending lesser time on sketching complex drawings.

Sajeel comments, “With the advent of CAD, we see lesser number of design disputes as this technology has the ability to produce unique, accurate and efficient designs results in reducing errors and producing superior quality designs. This in turn also helps in minimizing errors before construction begins. It also aids in creating and modifying the drawings effortlessly thus increasing productivity.”

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If you are looking for construction documentation services, you can count on BluEntCAD.

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