The driving force triggering enormous benefits in the BluEntCAD world

Houston; Texas, December 12, 2016 : BluEntCAD is extensively experienced in handling CAD related projects. CAD holds a high level of significance and is extensively used in the construction industry today. It helps in overcoming major obstacles in the architecture industry and hence is being implemented on a huge scale by most of the industries and architects today. CAD design and drafting services have helped in the development of beautiful structures.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, comments, “Innovation is the key in the field of architecture. CAD has assisted us in fabricating creative and innovative designs, which has helped us to compete successfully in this field. With this paradigm shift from manual drafting to computer aided drafting we are able to deliver futuristic designs to all our clients. The architects and designers in our team have the space to nourish their creative talents by enabling CAD drafting services to perform a paramount role in the background.”

CAD has the potential to generate error-free and efficient designs. These designs can be created in both 2D and 3D. CAD includes both drafting and editing tools and hence eliminates the tedious efforts of manual drafting. Sajeel adds, “This has helped in increasing the productivity through the effortless process of designing and modification of drawings”

The CAD services efficiently help in meeting every aspect of designing, drafting or planning need. CAD design services, CAD drafting services and CAD conversion services cater to the needs of architects and designers. This new technology has encouraged both the designers and architects to embrace a stimulating framework of a design process. They spend more time on inventing contemporary designs and lesser time on developing complex drawings.

Sajeel remarks, “We have successfully completed more than 500 architectural projects spread over residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and other industries. Our CAD design and drafting services is also updated with BIM (Building Information modeling) tool, Revit software, which amalgamates all the design and drafting processes of construction and facility operations in a single software environment.”

About BluEnt

Headquartered in Texas, U.S., BluEntCAD is specialized in outsourcing millwork, shop drawings, architectural design and drafting solutions including – BIM construction documentation, CAD services, AutoCAD to Revit conversion, and BIM consulting services with accolades in U.S., UK, New Zealand, Australia and APAC region.

If you are CAD drafting services, you can count on BluEntCAD.

Tim Johnson
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager