BluEntCAD: Maximizing benefits by embracing technology and staying abreast of all technological developments

Houston, Texas, November 14, 2016 : In the recent years, the evolution of digital technology has changed architecture in the most fundamental ways. From the production process to the techniques in design, it has influenced everything. Sajeel Khanna, Senior Vice President of BluEntCAD comments, “Technology for us means a new way of thinking. It has completely taken over our personal and professional lives. It has profoundly impacted the construction industry today. It also has had a great influence on our office culture. It has not only changed the way our drafters and architects work and but has helped us in solving problems for our clients.”

Technology has changed the way BluEntCAD communicates with clients. The process of sharing the design concepts has become much easier and faster with the use of 3D rendering. The clients are much more involved in every phase of the production process. Sajeel Khanna, SVP, states, “When it comes to communication, technology is a powerful tool. It has led to the development of new concepts and models of design amalgamation and professional participation. It has helped us to move seamlessly through the design and production stage, with everyone being on the same page. Our clients are able to view the furniture and finishes way before the project begins. They are now actively engaged in the design process. This has proved to be beneficial for all of us.”

At BluEntCAD, in construction and design, computer algorithms are being used that has simplified the development of complex subjects to a great degree. It also allows complex calculations in architectural design. The drafters and designers have developed an innovative practice to represent, express, generate and construct buildings through technology.

Sajeel Khanna remarks, “There have been technological advances in the design of steel. This has led to the development of new methods of structural analysis in steel and concrete. This has empowered contemporary designers and architects to include newer and more appealing forms to roofs, canopies and building structures. This would have been impossible without technology.”

In design, BluEntCAD uses new technological devices, which help their clients to simplify their tasks and make better use of the resources. Sajeel Khanna says, “Technology has been transforming people’s lifestyle. It has made their life simpler and secured. In the current past we have used smart technology in lighting and security. It has helped them to cut down on energy use and save money simultaneously. New security devices have enabled our clients to have a more secured existence.”

Sajeel Khanna, adds, “These new technological developments has led to a new relationship between both design and construction. Technology acts as a structure’s backbone much before and after a brick is laid on the ground.”

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