BluEntCAD: The latest industry green trends and eco-friendly solutions are breathing new life into the architectural organization

Houston, Texas, November 02, 2016 : In BluEntCAD the time for going green has gained a high momentum. BluEntCAD and its entire team have been working on ways and methods to maximize the benefits from energy savings, recycling, water conservation, workplace health and productivity to handling construction waste.

A few years ago, this concept of ‘going green’ in the architecture industry was almost non-existent. It only appealed to a very niche market. Even consumers were not enthusiastic about making them homes eco-friendly. However, companies are now trying to construct more sustainable buildings and people are keener on conserving energy and natural resources. BluEntCAD is chomping at this opportunity. They have been bringing a green touch to new homes and buildings.

Sajeel Khanna, Senior Vice President of BluEntCAD comments, “This is the green era for our architecture industry. Hence working towards maximizing the use of the green infrastructure is beneficial on a number of levels. We believe in creating exciting and healthier homes.”

BluEntCAD is developing new interesting ideas, techniques, products and technologies that will help in conserving energy and natural resources, reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, adds, “We use materials and products that require more use of sustainable resources and less use of natural resources such as glass, steel, prefabricated parts and concrete. It helps us in reducing waste. We use LED lighting since it has a much longer life and aids in reducing maintenance and helps in saving about fifty percent energy.”

When eco-friendly building solutions were first introduced aesthetics was one of the main concerns. However, BluEntCAD has worked towards creating fancy and sustainable structures at the same time. Sajeel Khanna adds, “We do not believe in compromising style for sustainability. We at BluEntCAD work as a team to build the most attractive sustainable designs and structures. We hire the right architect and designers who specialize in this field and have good industry knowledge and networks. They help our clients by offering a range of green products with different stylish looks. Our clients have always found a look they have loved.”

According to BluEntCAD, sustainable architecture is a smart business decision. The buildings created with this concept look attractive and designed by new technologies they also help in saving money. Sajeel Khanna comments, “Going green has been an intelligent decision for BluEntCAD. We work on concepts that work best for our clients. We not only save building costs but we help our customers to save fairly large amounts in their utility bills. After all, why wouldn’t any client want to take this chance of saving a little money and creating a better environment?”

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