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02 May 2024

A Guide to 3D Condo and Apartment Rendering for Residential Projects

The leisure of low-cost rental housing and multifamily residencies drives the development of condominiums, condos, and apartment complexes. Both reflect urban residents’ lifestyles, budgets, and personal preferences and are allocated as units within high-rise buildings.

Let’s set aside the amenities of these living spaces and ponder how impeccably they are designed, built, and sold as individual units to multiple families on a single plot. Of course, you can consider a full-fledged construction plan, but 3D condo and apartment rendering must be your priority.

Photorealistic architectural visualizations make a huge difference in the initial planning, design, construction, approvals, coordination, and property sales for architects, designers, contractors, and real estate developers.

What does Condo and Apartment Rendering in 3D mean?

A multistorey building with individual units for urban residents is the best example of a condo and apartment. Both terms are interchangeable and have slight differences in ownership, rental process, and amenities available.

However, 3D visualization and rendering purposes for condos and apartments are similar. They include realistic visuals of the proposed residential project, interactive apartment floor plans, site plans, architectural walkthroughs for a 360-degree experience, and 3D brochures for construction, renovations, sales, and marketing.

Homebuilders, designers, and contractors hire 3D rendering companies in the US to:

  • Get aesthetic and lifelike visuals of the multifamily residential project or apartment before construction begins. The benefits of interactive floor plans in 3D assist stakeholders understand how each section of the building will look post-construction.

  • 3D apartment rendering enables architects and designers to make confident decisions about design changes and convey them directly to clients. It further improves team coordination and client satisfaction.

    Let’s say your project’s stakeholder or condo owner wants a more spacious gallery instead of an additional room. You can ask your 3D rendering service provider to modify the existing architectural walkthroughs based on the client’s expectations and take feedback simultaneously on the go.

    These methods save time and guide construction crews to meet the expectations of owners and private real estate developers.

  • Real estate professionals collaborate with the best 3D rendering company to demonstrate the stunning visuals of the proposed architectural projects and convince clients. They apply different types of 3D rendering techniques to impress buyers by creating photorealistic visualizations of condo and apartment designs.

No wonder the photorealistic impact of lights, textures, shadows, etc., pushes the demand for interior and exterior 3D rendering services in the AEC and real estate industry.

Now let’s explore the types of condominium and apartment rendering you can use in your upcoming projects.

What are the Types of Architectural Condo and Apartment Rendering?

Builders Apartments Renderings

  • 3D rendering or visualization for multifamily buildings is categorized here. These are multistorey apartments but not typical high-rise structures. However, they can purchase individual units, which private real estate firms or builders develop.

  • Unlike typical ranch-style open floor plans, 3D architectural apartment renderings are meant for multistorey settings and are used by project planners for construction and marketing purposes.

High Rise Renderings

Do you know? The selling price of the most luxurious penthouse apartment by world-famous architects is $9.8 million. This condominium-style penthouse is an individual unit on the top floor of a high-rise building. Its popular name is Centurian, situated in the heart of NYC.

Condominium Rendering

  • 3D condo rendering covers digital visuals of both exterior and interior condo design ideas. These community or individually owned spaces are primarily listed for rental housing and are more spacious than apartments.

  • You can opt for virtual tours and 3D floor plan renderings to show an under-construction or renovated property during pre-leasing. This gives buyers and renters a complete visual story of the condo before it is finalized for rentals.

Benefits of Apartment 3D Rendering for Homebuilders, Realtors, & Buyers

Lifelike Visualization of the Final Results

  • If you’ve seen 100% photorealistic renderings before, you can differentiate them from standard architectural visualization and illustration.

  • The immersive experiences, quality, and details of such apartment renderings are beyond 3D, as the results appear highly realistic despite not existing.

Highly Detailed Design Views and Features

  • 3D apartment floor plans and tours detail the proposed building structure. They provide a more comprehensive and precise apartment view than traditional 2D interior construction drawings.

  • They can more interactively actualize the features of apartments, including facade designs, interior finishes, 3D furniture elements, and communal spaces.

Impressive Enough to Convince the Clients & Stakeholders

  • Nothing is more enticing than real-world experiences, such as the results of 3D walkthroughs, animations, and renderings.

  • Real estate professionals demonstrate 360-degree apartment renderings, floor plans, virtual staging, and animations, replicating the exact dimensions and details of the space thanks to lighting effects that impart a natural look to the scene.

  • They engage buyers with striking visuals and flexibility to explore space or elevations from different perspectives. It builds trust with the client and stakeholders, increasing the likelihood of purchases.

Great for Sales and Marketing Strategies

The interior and exterior 3D renderings’ features go well with real estate firms’ sales and marketing requirements.

At BluEntCAD, we fulfill these goals by creating stimulating visuals for website galleries, Google Business listings, social media, email marketing, billboards, brochures, and print marketing.

Adequate Space Planning and Layout Visualization


The emerging trend of urban housing, sustainability, personalized living spaces, and affordable living spaces compel buyers to invest in multifamily properties like condos and apartments.

Hence, incorporating 3D visualization in real estate marketing strategy is a golden rule for growing sales and client satisfaction in this digital age. Not just for marketing goals, the role of apartment interior rendering and floor plans in 3D is pivotal for the architectural design and development of the project.

At BluEntCAD, we empower AEC leaders and real estate firms with high-quality interior and exterior 3D rendering and VR powered by V-ray materials, 3ds Max, Lumion, and other robust technologies.

With a top-featured portfolio of architectural walkthroughs, flythroughs, and virtual tours, our expertise brings decades of experience in construction documentation, millwork shop drawings, tile and stone shop drawings, metal shop drawings, CAD conversions, and BIM consulting services.

Are you building a condo or apartment and want to maximize its appeal for faster sales? Contact us for expert 3D rendering services!



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